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Be careful
Careful planning wins out
Consider your circuit broken
Cut the power
Didn't expect to see me up here
Different sides of the fence
Don't blame yourself
Don't blow a fuse
Don't confuse my kindness
Electricity I get, people I don't
Electrons repel each pother
Go towards the light
I bring the silence
I conduct the power
I did it papa
I didn't see you coming
I fight until it hertz
I grew up in these territories
I guess I found your off switch
I learned a few things
I may not look like a fighter
I prefer restoring order
I won papa
I'm currently at the top of my game
I'm the one with the stronger current
I'm tougher than I look
It's either you or me
Just the halt of electrical impulses
Lights out
Look on the bright side
Many legends fall
My adversaries are in for a shock
My electric fences will herd you
My light shines bright
My suit is insulated, you're not
Papa would be proud of me
Permanent blackout
Power is everything
Size and strength aren't everything
Somebody has to lose
Sometimes the power goes out
Studying has served me well
That's the last time you charge
The best offense is a strong defense
The end of your electrical current
The legends taught me
The noise will stop now
There are some nodes
This is how it has to be
This is the only life I know
This never gets any easier
This went exactly how I planned
To me, it's home
Wattage up
You burned bright, but you burned out
You can not outrun the current
You crossed the wrong fence
You didn't expect this from me
You fought hard
You got too close to a live wire
You may be stronger, but i'm smarter
You underestimated me
You're playing in my backyard now