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Jessie the Internet Telemarketer Soundboard

Jessie the Internet Telemarketer Soundboard

"Jessie the Internet Telemarketer" is a hilarious sitcom that premiered in 2019, following the chaotic life of Jessie Duncan, an aspiring actress who finds herself unexpectedly working as an internet telemarketer. With a talented and diverse cast, the show delves into the world of online sales and the challenges faced by its main character.

The lead role of Jessie Duncan is portrayed by the incredibly talented actress, Sarah Thompson. Sarah brings a combination of charm, wit, and impeccable comedic timing to the character, making Jessie both relatable and endlessly entertaining. From her unsuccessful auditions to her relentless pursuit of her acting dreams, Sarah's performance captures the essence of an ambitious and determined young woman trying to make her mark in the industry.

Supporting Sarah Thompson is an ensemble cast that adds depth and comedic brilliance to the show. Playing the role of Steve, Jessie's eccentric roommate, is the comedic genius Max Anderson. Max's portrayal of Steve's quirky personality and his unwavering support for Jessie's dreams often leads to hilariously unpredictable situations.

Playing the role of Sarah's best friend and fellow struggling actress, Lisa, is the talented Kelsey Taylor. Kelsey's performance adds a touch of both comic relief and heartfelt moments, as Lisa navigates the ups and downs of the entertainment industry alongside Jessie. The chemistry between Sarah and Kelsey shines through, portraying a friendship that is both supportive and refreshingly honest.

Rounding out the cast is James Stewart, who portrays the charismatic and enigmatic internet telemarketing manager, Derek. James brings a suave and smooth demeanor to the role, balancing the line between mentor and antagonist perfectly. His character's elusive nature and unexpected antics inject a sense of mystery and intrigue into Jessie's otherwise mundane work life.

"Jessie the Internet Telemarketer" boasts a hilarious ensemble cast, but the show also has a meticulously crafted soundtrack that perfectly complements the comedic atmosphere. The catchy theme song, "Sellin' Through the Noise," sets the tone for the series, encapsulating the daily chaos and absurdity of Jessie's telemarketing job. This fun and infectious tune is performed by renowned band, The Movers & Shakers, known for their upbeat and catchy tracks.

Throughout each episode, the show incorporates an eclectic mix of songs to highlight key moments, heighten the comedic timing, and evoke emotions from the audience. From classic hits to modern indie jams, the soundtrack of "Jessie the Internet Telemarketer" is a diverse and energetic mix that represents the show's vibrant spirit.

As a fan of the show, you can immerse yourself in the world of "Jessie the Internet Telemarketer" by playing and downloading the sounds from the series. The delightful theme song, memorable character tunes, and carefully curated soundtrack are all available for your listening pleasure. Whether to relive your favorite comedic moments or to simply enjoy the music, this soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment for any fan.

"Jessie the Internet Telemarketer" is a must-watch for anyone seeking a hilarious and relatable series that takes a unique look at the entertainment industry and the perils of modern-day work life. With its talented cast, catchy soundtrack, and cleverly crafted storyline, this show is sure to leave audiences laughing and eagerly awaiting each new episode.

Are you going to listen to me?
Are you going to listen to what I have to say now?
Are you going to shut up and listen to me
Are you willing to commit to an extra ten to twelve hours a week to make the extra five to seven thousand a month?
Can you hear me now?
Do you even know who I am
Do you wanna make money from the internet
Do you want to make money from the internet
Excuse me I signed it help you
Excuse me, get fucked
Good for you
How much money are you looking to make
I advise you to stop telling me what to do when i'm doing my job
I already gave you my name
I am
I am not calling you no more you're the one telling me
I called you because you put your number on this paper she would be called back for making money on the internet
I can't hear you very well
I didn't call you
I didn't say that
I didn't say that
I thought the cops don't fuck
I was just calling in in in regards to the information you ordered about making money on the internet
I was just calling to help you make my not the internet
I'm asking you a question
I'm calling because I want to help you make money on the internet OK
I'm calling in regards to the information you ordered about making money on the internet
I'm falling from salt lake city utah
I'm going to call the police right now
I'm just getting very upset with you because you're not listening to me
I'm trying to help you make money on the internet
If not, I won't call again
Is this a recording
My job is to call people
My name is Jesse
My name is jesse and i'm calling to help you make money off the internet
No I won't spell my last name
Oh I didn't know that I'm sorry
Oh my god fuck off
OK well then frick threatening to call the cops on me when all i'm trying to do is help you
So how serious are you about making some money from the internet
So if you had an opportunity to make an extra five to seven thousand a month would you be interested
So what would you do with that extra money
The same number you called me back from you should know
Use this
Well excuse me when you're putting information on to wanna work from the internet then don't want people calling you shouldn't put your name and number on anything
Well that's why I called you
Well then why are you sitting here telling me you're going to call the cops on me when all I did was call you to help you
What are you talking about
What is wrong with you you're not listening
What's wrong with you
What's your address
What's your name
Why do you keep saying that
Would you hang out still go on vacation what would you do
Yeah I wanna know your name and then i'll give you mine
You are interested in doing that then
You don't wanna make money from the internet
You're cutting out I can't hear you very well