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Account when he was OK I enjoyed it out there
Ah I guess you got coming into our line he was talking about the tower
Alright stephanie
And he is somewhere not far from compton
And I don't know why you're on the phone
And I just talked to somebody in mexico city
And you said you're in west virginia
Are you gonna listen to me
Burbank airport and all that
Call me back if we get cut off OK
Call wendy
Can you tell me anything about it
Chinese lady
Did you bring your number something
Does your area code start with four seven eight
Eight four five
Eighty nine and ninety
Eleven o'clock back here
Every time apparently it's raining your numbers for whatever reason
George is OK
Give me a couple mustangs are done for him too
Hey what's a good time bomb
How about your car
How's the body
I called four seven eight area code
I didn't call you
I didn't call you
I don don it's me clear
I don't I wouldn't want to move back up and work again
I don't know what to tell you i'm just talking my friend again i'm not calling you I don't know why this is transferring to you
I don't know where you are at
I don't know why it does it
I don't wanna talk to you I don't want to be rude but if you work for some reason your phones ringing it's coming between our conversation
I live off about sunswept drive up on the heels
I moved down here to georgia in ninety eight
I really don't know what's going on
I said I used to live in studio city
I was talking to my friend on and all sudden some music came on and then you came on and on was gone
I'll tell you what I don't know what's going on here
I'll tell you what the number on down is area code four seven eight
I'm calling for dawn
I'm down in atlanta georgia
I'm from pittsburgh
I'm not calling you
I'm not calling you I don't know you I don't know your phone number
I'm not calling you I swear i'm not now I mean I don't even know your number and I don't know who you are
I'm sorry if I woke you up
I'm sorry what city you in
I'm talking to my friend in macon I don't know what's going on
I've been to alaska I spent five months in anchorage
I've never mind
Is tom still there
Just give me a time
Karen who
Listen well yes yes after hey the telephone call you
Ma'am no you not my boss
My name is billy
My name is claire
My wife I bought a house in california up on the mountain up there
No I don't know who you are
No I mean i'm originally from pennsylvania
No i'm sorry but no space
No is it showing my phone number six seven eight number
No you you didn't call me and I didn't call you as i'm saying something happened it's transfer nager
Nothing I can tell you if it does it again don't answer the phone
Now i'm sorry I don't know who you're calling
Now if you hang up my friend will be back on the line
Oh my god
Oh my goodness
On west virginia south carolina now continent couple fornia oh my god
One eight one eight
Or sure alaska
Proud son I lost you know talking with god in west virginia
So I don't have any idea
So one six three nine
So you are my body look mars i'll run there
Some lady actually lady called me and she was working the hotel and she asked if I was coming in tonight at a level
Somehow we got traffic transferred up here and I got you now
Somehow you took over my phone call with another man
Star on holy heck man
There's no kind of help
These phones all screwed out tonight
This afternoon
This guy making
Turn i'm not calling you I don't know what's going on if you please just don't even pick up the phone i'm not calling you i'm talking to another friend with your phones ringing please don't pick it...
Uh yes
We do auto restoration we do rust work rust repair work
We have gone
Well thank you very much you have a good evening
What part of alaska you in
What's on the internet i'm on my cell phone
When everybody else keeps getting on this line I don't know what's going on
Where are you what city are you in
Who is this
Why don't like calling people after ten o'clock at night
Why don't you like caught this time a night but that booty head on the air
Would I be able to get together with you tomorrow
Yeah I know that
Yeah I know you said that
Yeah my name 's claire i'm in atlanta georgia
Yeah my number is six seven my number showing your phone six seven eight number
Yeah this song
You are talking to the person you think you're talking to
You got one phone number
You guys got a lot of rain out there than here huh
You halfway decent
You know any hung up then I got this oriental later
You know I don't know what's going on buddy
You know we're not calling drug and alcohol but we do type an attitude lady i'm surprised you really help to anybody so please hang up we're not calling you
You pick up and then it cuts off my call down here in georgia
You start yelling at me while the federal government will know about this phone call the phone company
You're in toronto