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Axel おどる火の風 The Keyhole Soundboard

Axel おどる火の風 The Keyhole Soundboard

Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames (おどる火の風 Odoru Hi no Kaze?), is the Nobody of Lea, and is Rank VIII within Organization XIII. He wields fire and enhances his weapons, twin Chakrams, with his pyrokinesis to unleash powerful rapid attacks. The Assassin Nobodies are under his control.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Am I right
Burn baby
But come on you still kind of azam
But how do you know that
Come here i'll make it all stop
Do either one of us have the heart to believe anyone
Don't make me mad
Everybody thinks they are right
Fine I see how it is
Fuck you
Get back
Good you're a quick learner
Got it memorized
Got it memorized an eight N S X
Ha ha
Haven't a clue really
Hey do I ring any bells yet
Hey I feel like we're friends already
How did this happen
I think you can do whatever you want
I wipe you all out
I would say that you are the traitor
I'm sick of it
It's not over yet
Lapsien paid the price for disloyalty when she disappeared
Let's meet again in the next life
Low taking that back later
Maybe you could spell it out for maine
My thoughts exactly
No hog in the hero
No you don't
Not bad roxas
Now that we're getting to know each other better
Out of the way
Really it looked to me like you just playing last
Remember the order
Right that first week you could barely form a sentence
Simply amazing
That I didn't want to do
That you don't know why the sunsets red
That's more like it
That's not true
The rocks is that I know is long gone
They're going to destroy you
Want more
What's the problem
What's your problem
Who am I owe my name is axel dotted memorized
Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs
Why don't we go see him
Would you like me to give you a hint
You can't turn on the organization you get on their bad side and they'll destroy you
You really do remember me this time
You won't forget this
You're early
You're sure things are better this way