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Home > My Little Pony: Friendship Is...
A pony with expensive tastes I see
A relief.
Afraid to get dirty.
Ah yeah.
All the ponies in this town are crazy
All yours partner
Already? That's an academy record. Explain your methods.
Although I admit it makes rolling my eyes a challenge.
Always hungry after a show
Am I making myself absolutely 100% crystal clear?
Am I? How odd of me
An outhouse
And how do you propose we do that?
And how exactly do you plan on doing that?
And that's how Equestria was name.
And you are?
Another donut, extra sprinkles!
Another job well done. But it's we mosey along. Another town, another party.
Any last words?
Anyone else starting to think this is a lost cause?
Anything else?
Anything I can do to help?
Anything you can do I can do better?
Applejack pony in my dreams.
Applejack Woo-Hoo!
Are we there yet?
Are you a spy?
Are you calling a baby?
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you kidding? This place is perfect.
Are you loco in the Coco?
Are you not happy that your quest is complete?
Are you that one kooky grandpa from Ponyville retirement village?
Are you was worried as I am?
Aren't you gonna stay for brunch?
As a horse.
Aw, pony feathers! I’d forget my a
Awaiting choice is yours to make the right selection or a big mistake if the wrong choice you choose to pursue the foundations of home will crumble without you.
Because that's what friends do.
Best party I've ever had.
Beware, beware.
Big gun with you until morning.
Big No
Big Yes
Biting off more than you can chew is just what I'm afraid of.
Black, write something in my throat like a big ball of flame.
Blank flanks!
Boo Hoo Hoo.
Break a leg.
But before I can do my duty, I'm going to need some of your booty.
But I don't really know anything about animals.
But I'm tired.
But it's so wide.
But that doesn't answer my question silly.
But uh, you know, um, whatever you wanna do is fine
But we can get lunch after though, right? It's Taco Tuesday.
But when I say that it is a sign of our true friendship, I am telling truth.
But you will never have the amazing show stopping ability of the great and powerful Trixie.
Call me Luna.
Can it be true?
Can you do that? Can you explode twice?
Can you ever forgive me?
Can you know what that means?
Can you really think that'll work?
Can you think inside a chimney?
Can't hear you. I'm asleep, shoo, shoo.
Can't move.
Careful there, partner.
Catch up.
Celestia is my witness.
Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing.
Cheated? Moi?
Children wait.
Chocolate milk
Clearly they are not the brightest bunch around.
Cock a doodle Doo.
Come back here you.
Come on kids. Doesn't that sound like fun?
Come on out little guy, it's OK.
Come on their farm, I'm rich.
Come on, how bad could it be?
Come out.
Consuming it has made me even more powerful than Celestia.
Could never have done this without you.
Court martialed
Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!
Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my, ahhh!
Daddy problems, troubles, conundrums, or any other sort of issues, major or minor, that I is a good friend could help you solve.
Damn he intent.
Danger is my middle name.
Darn it, now you got me acting all sappy.
Dear Princess celestia.
Did I get it?
Did I hear someone say my name?
Did I mention how time there so tiny?
Did you find out who's broke? We need to pick and where we can find him.
Did you really expect me to sit idly by while they are basked in your precious light?
Did you see that I was so assertive?
Discord around you think I'm just going to turn all this back because you say so? Because if I don't, I'll lose the one friend I ever had.
Discord rules Celestia drools.
Discuss it.
Do something.
Do stay back. I just had myself groomed.
Do you like the satyrs? Yeah.
Do you sleep over yes.
Do you want for free candy? Never.
Don't be ridiculous.
Don't be silly. Of course I would.
Don't call me things I don't know the meaning of.
Don't even think about it.
Don't like my use this?
Don't worry, you'll be safe with me tonight.
Don't you know better than to sneak up on ponies?
Don't you know how to take get lost for an answer?
Don't you know who I am?
Don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue?
Don't you worry everypony there will be plenty of side are for all of you.
Duck duck dog.
Dumb fabric.
Dumb rock.
Enormously huge entire tenant told Kathleen says to come and save the date problem.
Enough Chit Chat, time is candy!
Equestria to face such a great danger, and she did it for me. She did it all for me for me for me, Tom.
Eternal Chaos comes with chocolate rain. You guys. Chocolate rain.
Even hash nieces are graceful.
Even I have some unfinished business.
Every pony has to play or the game is over.
Excuse me, might I ask where you got your ensemble.
Fabulous man you think?
Family get along on his pony ever gonna meet.
File destroy her.
Fine, but I don't do Windows.
Fine, you win.
Fire when ready.
First we take Canterlot and then all of Equestria.
Fit in really.
Fizzy Apple cider. This is my Coronation not a hoe down.
Flat is a festival and you should celebrate it by looking just like me because I'm a trendsetting fashion Easter.
For realsies
For the record, I don't mind.
For the record, I don't mind.
For them, for me, for Equestria.
For your own safety, I must ask you to stand back.
Forget about it.
Forgive me if I withhold my enthusiasm.
Friend reducing clam.
General fixing kernel. Wonderful something that rhymes with that.
Get my rope.
Get up there and put him up.
Get your pony on.
Go away.
Going to laugh at.
Good afternoon, my name is Twilight Sparkle.
Good choice, always stick with the winners.
Good luck every pony.
Goodnight sharing, do that.
Gosh, you really like it, huh?
Got a letter here for Rainbow Dash.
Got the moves, got the mojo. How harder working pony around we are a trio work as a team will be the first play games please.
Granny Smith always said pick an Apple a day and keep trouble away.
Granny's a little rusty Renee giddy up. Since the last time the apples all got together.
Great get the idea.
Great then from here on in your wish is my command.
Ha ha.
Ha, that was such a sweet story.
Haha the fun has been doubled.
Hang on are you nuts?
Happy birthday
Have I mentioned yet that I work alone?
Have No Fear ponies.
Have you gone mad?
He can be a real sweetheart once we get to know him.
Hello gorgeous.
Hello, what's your name?
Here are the cutest thing ever.
Here comes the Choo Choo train. Chubby Checker checker checker. Woo woo.
Here good.
Here we go.
Hey guys.
Hey hey could happen.
Hey I know you.
Hey look, we’re famous!
Hey see it don't spread.
Hey, I'm here to deliver a message.
Hey, that's not how you talk to my friends.
Hi, this won't end well.
His name is Boulder.
Holy guacamole.
Hope you feel this way. Feel like I shouldn't be here.
How about a game of pin? The tail on the pony?
How about you introduce me to your friend?
How can it be?
How can that possibly be a good thing?
How can you be so insensitive?
How come?
How could it not be? You are the one making it.
How could you ever know what it's like to be totally obsessed with the pony, only to find out there obsessed with some pony else?
How could you? Hmph!
How dare you?
How dare you?
How do we get people to do what we want?
How do you know?