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All that jelly and no toast
Damn i'm thirsty! I want a beer what about you you want a beer
Don't Bullshit
Hell yeah we can we the police we can do the fuck we want to do
How's your espanol um mas o menos learn that shit brother learn that shit that shit will get you killed
I'll tell you a secret when you kill someone on duty they have to be your slave in the afterlife
I'm a dentist open your mouth
Im putting cases on all you b*tches
It's not what you know it's what you can prove
King Kong aint got sh*t on me
My ****a
My ****ah
No you didn't hear me you listening but you didn't hear me
Ohhh! son of a bitch! you shot me in the ass!
Roll your window down start there see you got to hear the street you got to smell it you know you got to taste that shit feel it
Shit oh what a day what a motherfucking day
Shoe Program
That's a rooster give me a wolf
That's amazing it is that you could be out there with a fine bitch for a year and the most entertaining story that you can come up with to tell me is a drunk stop
This is a newspaper right it's ninety percent bullshit but it's entertaining that's why I read it because it entertains me
To protect the sheep you got to catch the wolf and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf you understand
What am I drinking the best the best I know it's the best for the best
What's that up there they're flipping pigeons they want to let everybody know i'm here
What's the matter one go through
Why don't you get that beer in you man that will give you ballast get that up in you man you'll feel better
Yeah a lot of murder investigations lead right here
Yeah I got 4 boys you need a son you let me know i'll hook your old lady up you know I can't miss
You can shoot me but you can't kill me
You don't mind if I have some of your $300 a glass shit there will you please
You got to hide that love deep inside you you understand otherwise these maggots out here on the street they'll find it they'll use it against you and they will chew you up
You have never killed nobody before have you it isn't like stepping on ants jake takes a man to kill
You won't let me read it so you entertain me with your bullshit tell me a story right now go