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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And now 12 long hours before the sun will rise and drive them back to darkness
Freaks! all of you all of you freaks mutations
How many more of these will I have to make before they're all destroyed
I can't afford the luxury of anger anger can make me vulnerable it can destroy my reason and reason is the only advantage I have over them
I cannot accept half baked theories that sell newspapers i'm a scientist not an alarmist
I protect myself against them but only because there are so many individually they're weak
I'm out of gas that means one more stop i'll have to make
It can't be destroyed by any process we've been able to uncover
Mentally incompetent like animals after a long famine
More of them for the pit every day there are more of them
Only three years it seems like a hundred million
Or perhaps it's because a long time ago when I worked in panama I was bitten in my sleep by a bat
Someone else is alive in this world but where are they where are they hiding
There was a time when eating was pleasurable now it bores me just fuel for survival
There was a time when I shopped for a car but now i'm looking for a hearse this station wagon will have to do
They can wait too i've got my life to worry about
They can't bear to see their image it repels them I need more mirrors
This convertible would be nice probably handles well but I can't think of comfort
Wait that garlic i'd better put it back where it belongs I can't live a heartbeat away from hell and forget it
What if this doesn't last but it will i've already checked it under the microscope
You are infected no infected systems are allergic to garlic
You can't change the facts by talking
You see it worked the antibodies in my blood worked my blood has saved you
You'd prefer us to believe in vampires if they exist yes