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Angel hah! she's a female! and all females is poison! they're full of wicked wiles
But i'm warnin' ya you give 'em an inch and they'll walk all over ya!
Hah! mush!
Hah! next thing ya know she'll be tyin' your beards up in pink ribbons and smellin' ya up with that stuff called perfoom
Hah! we know who we are ask her who she is and what she's a doin' here
I said how do you do how do you do what
I'd like to see anybody make me wash if I didn't wanna
Mark my words there's trouble a brewin' felt it coming all day my corns hurt
Oh we'll be quite comfortable down here in in in a pig's eye! in a pig's eye sty
She's full of black magic she can even make herself invisible might be in this room right now
Wash wash wash wash hah! knew there was a catch to it
What are wicked wiles I don't know but i'm agin 'em
What was I sayin' nothing! just standin' there sputterin' like a doodlebug!
Why why why why the whole place is clean! there's dirty work afoot
Ya crazy fool! fine time you picked to sneeze!