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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ain't nothing gonna change in atlanta I mean i'm still gonna be black
Come on now don't even play me like that you know i'm packing a plastic shit I ain't going out like willy lump lump
Dog you strapped you know it
For all the bullshit they try to teach you in high school I graduated with about half of it but then I didn't go to school but half the time the other half I was out selling dope
Growing up in the 'hood we were used to getting sweated by the cops I mean they would follow us in the car then turn away stop us for no reason and question us especially with a car like mine
I had done too much to turn back and I had done too much to go on I guess in the end it all catches up with you
I learned how to mix drugs when I was little heroin cocaine all of it my dad taught me that was about the only thing he taught me before he was killed
I mean you act like atlanta ain't in america they don't give a fuck
I thought killing those fools would make me feel good but it really didn't make me feel anything I just knew that I could kill somebody and if I had to I could do it again
Just another ****a from the ghetto
Like I said it was funny like that in the 'hood sometimes I mean you never knew what was gonna happen or when
My grandpa asked me one time if I care whether I live or die yeah I do and now it's too late
Now he was a hustler had a beemer a crib and a fat pocket
Stop lying all right besides I had the jimmy on extra tight
That was the first time i'd ever seen my father kill anybody but it wasn't the last I got used to it though
The more questions that cop asked the more I thought I wasn't gonna never see daylight again
Went into the store just to get a beer came out an accessory to murder and armed robbery
Working for minimum wage was never my style I like big dollars
Yeah I had to creep up on some fool today at the drive through trying the high sign and shit I had to get him