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And yet always in my mind I seem to feel the creature is lurking somewhere close at hand sly and irresistible and only waiting to be reinvoked for murder
He's as tame as a kitten outside of the range of my daughter's influence it's still a deadly wild beast
I think the best thing you can do is go to bed
It's all right sir a commanding officer doesn't need brains just a good loud voice huh
Let him be buried with the other victims of human greed and folly
Morbius Fur Elise
Morbius Song
My evil self is at that door and I have no power to stop it
Now be sure and look only in the mirror man does not behold the face of the gorgon and live
Of course you must make allowances for my daughter gentlemen she's never known any human being except her father
Point it at the commander aim right between the eyes
Some dark terrible incomprehensible force
Son turn that disc
Spaceship identify yourself you're being tracked
These gentlemen have expressed a very kindly concern over the amount of liberty you have
This is just one of their laboratories you will notice that much of the equipment is familiar though designed for non human technicians
Tremendously strong of course he could quite easily topple this house off its foundation
Whatever that lunch was it was certainly delicious simply some of robby's synthetics
Which by krell standards classifies me as a low grade moron
Yes I suppose one day I shall be obliged to make the trip to earth with her for the sake of her natural development
You see he's helpless locked in a sub electronic dilemma between my direct orders and his basic inhibitions against harming rational beings
Young man these devices self serviced self maintained have stood exactly as you see them for 2000 centuries