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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
But i'm funny how I mean funny like i'm a clown I amuse you I make you laugh i'm here to fucking amuse you what do you mean funny how am I funny
Fucking rat anyway his whole family's all rats he would've grown up to be a rat
Funny how
Go get me a fucking drink! move it you little prick you walk like fucking stepin fetchit
He's a big boy he knows what he said what did you say
He's fucking fine all right so he got shot in the foot what is it a big fucking deal
He's hanging on my fucking neck like a vulture what do you want
Hey! you want to laugh this prick last week asked me to christen his kid
How do I know if you're kidding what do you mean you're kidding you're breaking my fucking balls
I said all right i'll tell you something go fuck your mother
I said bing what are you doing here I told you to go fuck your mother
Oklahoma kid that's me! i'm the oklahoma kid!
Put the fucking pot down you gonna take the coffee
Spider that fucking bandage on your foot is bigger than your fucking head you know that
What are you going to tell us though guy I said my usual zero nothing why tell you the fuck
What are you waiting for the car's cold get the fuck out of here! what fucking warm it up get out of here!
What are you worried about you worry too much everything is beautiful there's nothing to worry about
What's wrong with you you're not normal she's right what's wrong with you what kind of person are you what is the matter with you
Yeah motherfuck them every chance you get
You didn't bring coffee what do I look like a fucking caterer
You fucking varmint dance! yahoo you motherfucker!
You know these jew broads got a lot of money maybe the family owns the whole fucking block
You said i'm funny how the fuck am I funny what the fuck is so funny about me tell me what's funny
You trying to make me think what the fuck I did here it was an accident fuck him little fucking actor
520 ain't even close to 469 what's that got to do with anything