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The Warriors (1979) Soundboard

The Warriors (1979) Soundboard

The Warriors is a critically acclaimed action-adventure film directed by Walter Hill and released in 1979. Set in a dystopian version of New York City, the movie explores themes of gang culture, survival, and loyalty. With an impressive ensemble cast and a gripping storyline, The Warriors continues to captivate audiences to this day.

The film takes place over the course of one night as the Coney Island-based gang known as "The Warriors" attends a gathering of all the city's gangs in the Bronx. However, when the charismatic leader of a powerful gang, Cyrus, is assassinated during the event, The Warriors find themselves wrongly accused of the crime. Now, they must battle their way back to their home turf while being pursued by every gang in the city.

The main cast of The Warriors includes:

1. Michael Beck as Swan: The level-headed and strategic leader of The Warriors, Swan is determined to guide his gang safely back to Coney Island.

2. James Remar as Ajax: The tough and impulsive member of The Warriors, Ajax often finds himself in trouble due to his aggressive nature.

3. Dorsey Wright as Cleon: The original leader of The Warriors, Cleon is betrayed and killed early in the movie, catalyzing the events that follow.

4. Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Mercy: A sassy and street-smart girl, Mercy becomes an ally to The Warriors and accompanies them on their journey.

5. David Patrick Kelly as Luther: The sadistic and cunning leader of rival gang "The Rogues," Luther is responsible for framing The Warriors for Cyrus's murder.

The Warriors not only boasts a talented cast but also features a groundbreaking soundtrack that perfectly complements its gritty atmosphere. The film's iconic musical score, composed by Barry De Vorzon, adds intensity and depth to the action-packed sequences. Additionally, The Warriors incorporates a diverse range of songs from various artists, including Joe Walsh, Arnold McCuller, and Desmond Child.

One of the most memorable tracks from the film is "In the City" by Joe Walsh. This energetic song perfectly captures the urban, edgy feel of The Warriors' quest to make it back home. With its catchy lyrics and driving rock instrumentals, "In the City" has become synonymous with the film itself. You can play and download this iconic sound, along with the complete soundtrack, here.

Another notable moment in The Warriors is the subway chase sequence, accompanied by the suspenseful track "Nowhere to Run" by Arnold McCuller. The pulsating rhythm and haunting vocals heighten the tension as The Warriors fend off rival gangs on their journey. The evocative nature of this song adds to the overall atmospheric quality of the film.

The Warriors garnered both critical acclaim and a cult following upon its release. Its unique take on gang culture and the dystopian setting captivated audiences, making it a beloved film to this day. The movie's compelling characters, intense action sequences, and memorable soundtrack all contribute to its enduring popularity.

Whether you're a fan of action movies, retro cinema, or simply enjoy a gripping storyline, The Warriors is a must-watch film that continues to stand the test of time. So buckle up, join The Warriors on their journey through the night, and experience the thrill and chaos of a city gone mad.

All of you, and you know it
All you gotta do is figure out what's worth stealing
All you street people with an ear for the action,
And there's over 100 more.
Because we got the streets suckers!
Bunch of chickenshits!
Can you count, suckers?!
Can you dig it
Come on
Come on (2)
Come on (3)
Come on cowboy
Come on cyrus we're with you!
Come on lady
Come on let me get some breakfast or something
Come on man
Come on move it!
Come on what's wrong
Come on, cowboy
Come on, move it!
Come on! run!
Come on.
Come out to play!
Come out to play!
Cops are looking for somebody in a pink top
Cops are trying to rack up every gang in this town yeah me and you included
Cops got ajax
Cut it mercy
Cyrus sent an emissary this afternoon to make sure
Cyrus was right about one thing
Cyrus was right about one thing.
Did we lose these fucking clowns or what
Did you see him get busted
Don't call me no whore I ain't no whore!
Everybody packed yeah
Everybody quiet
Everybody says that cyrus is the one and only
Fall out.
Figure out how many stops to the union square
For what
Forty thousand, counting affiliates,
Fox you come with me
Friday nights are pretty good saturday nights are better
Fuck him
Fuck you
Fuck you!
Fucking Coney Island must be 50 to 100 miles from here.
God I can't believe it
Goddamn it! let me go! let me go!
Goddamn you! let go of me!
Good i'm sick of running from these wimps
Good news boppers the big alert has been called off
Good news, boppers. The big alert has been called off.
Good real good
Good. I'm sick of running from these wimps
He don't want anybody flexing any muscle
He saved my ass back there I owe him
He says he saw who shot cyrus
He shot cyrus!
He's the one and only
Here's a hit with them in mind.
Hey come on man that's high math for rembrandt
Hey forget it what's the difference we're home free
Hey hold it!
Hey I hate asking the questions but where's the dudes chicks like you always got dudes around
Hey lady come on lady
Hey little man you wanna dance
Hey man don't worry about it stay loose
Hey no sweat war chief
Hey wait a minute I gotta ask a question
Hey wait! still cops all over the place
Hey we better go back and look out for him
Hey what about me
Hey what about the money you owe
Hey where's the rest of them
Hey, I hate asking the questions, but where's the dudes?
Hey, what about me?
Hold the fucking train!
Holy shit!
Holy shit! (2)
How come we're running
How come you're so happy about this
How could this be a big meeting if the orphans wasn't there
How do you like it?
I can't make it
I don't like the way you live
I don't like the way you live
I don't think you can remember who you get on friday and saturday I don't think you can remember what they look like
I gave him my word that the warriors would uphold the truce
I got as much right to take over as you
I got as much right to take over as you.
I guess the only thing we can do is play you a song
I guess you like the way everything's going for you
I heard that
I just don't want the riffs on my ass
I just hate seeing anything go to waste
I just know I'd like it.
I know they're on my ass but now they know I know it
I like telling my friends I been with somebody particular.
I mean, it's really great of you chicks taking us in.
I only got one question who named you leader
I see what's happening next door and down the block,
I think they forgot about the truce
I think they just made us
I think we'd better go have a look for ourself
I told you they're a bunch of wimps
I wanna be warlord
I want them alive if possible if not wasted but I want them
I want them all I want all the warriors!
I want you to hit everything in sight I want everybody to know the warriors were there
I was hauling ass
I was hauling ass.
I was kind of rough on you back there
I'll be right with you, babe.
I'll tell you, some man you are.
I'm walking
I've been asked to relay a request from the gramercy riffs
If it ain't, we're gonna have to bop our way back.
If this truce is off anything could hit us between here and that train
If you get separated make it to the platform at union square
If you get separated,
Is cleon all right I think he's up there are you sure no
Is it still on?
Is this the place
It turns out that the early reports were wrong all wrong
It was cleon's choice swan's war chief
It was Cleon's choice. Swan's war chief.
It was them the warriors
It's a special for the warriors
Just Cleon's missing.
Just keep talking
Just keep talking.
Just walk
Keep after them! keep on!
Kill him!
Kiss my ass
Let her go
Let me go!
Let me go! let me be
Let me out of this thing! you hear me
Let's do it
Let's do it me and you
Let's party a little. Get something going.
Listen I can take care of myself
Lizzies hey great just great I like that I like it
Look at those muscles I bet the chicks like all those muscles
Look holy shit!
Look look man now we gotta hold ourselves together we got to
Look what do you got against me you been picking on me all night
Looks like something else showed up
Looks like you're the winner yeah right
Magic a whole lot of magic
Make it to the platform at Union Square.
Make it! make it!
Make your move
Maybe I'll just take off.
Maybe we ought to pull a train on you you look like you might even like it
Maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way.
Me neither
Move move! where is everybody come on!
My name's swan
Nine guys no weapons
No chance
No matter what he says nobody lip off
No reason I just like doing things like that
No reason.
No shit
No sweat
No sweat they're looking for the warriors remember
Not if they're wimps. And I'm sick of this running crap
Not so rough. Come on.
Now cyrus don't want anybody packed
Now for that group out there that had such a hard time getting home,
Now look what we have here before us
Now there ain't but 20000 police in the whole town can you dig it
Now, Cyrus don't want anybody packed.
Now, there ain't but 20,000 police in the whole town
Numbers full strength maybe 30
Oh hurt me hurt me
Oh jesus christ!
Oh jesus!
Oh shit!
Oh yeah I guess we are pretty well known
Okay, come on. Let's go.
Okay, let's get down to it, boppers.
One thousand miles from safety
One thousand miles from the sea
One thousand miles with enemies on all sides
Ought to make you feel better
Our friends are on second base and trying to make it all the way home
Our friends are on second base and trying to make it all the way home.
Our friends just made it past one of the minor league teams
Our friends just made it past one of the minor league teams.
Our turf our little piece of turf
Over two millenniums ago an army of greek soldiers found themselves isolated in the middle of the persian empire
Quit breaking the action
Real sure
Real tough chick (2)
Real tough mothers ain't you you guys don't show me much
Right on!
Secure our territory secure our turf because it's all our turf
Secure our territory,
See man now if we go to pieces somebody out there's gonna get us
See that dude over there with the skates over there
See that dude over there with the skates?
Send the word
Send the word.
She cut me she cut me
Shit I bet you can't even find the subway
Shit I figured they were wimps
Shit I wish we was packed
Shit, I figured they were wimps.
Shit! the chicks are packed the chicks are packed!