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A 29 year old female diagnosed as acute schizo affective disorder
Afraid not not for a while
Afterwards they fly with a perfect operational record
Agh! God! Get him off of me!
Ain't no trouble
All my work was based on it
All right easy money come on!
All right in order to get that out you have to
All right let's get to work
All right let's go
All right my man!
All right!
All right! (2)
All right! 7 2 5 6 yes!
All right! now hit me give me five do the same thing
All stealth bombers are upgraded with cyberdyne computers becoming fully unmanned
All the disks in my office
All the disks in that office over there
All the processors on my left
All units in the vicinity all units able to respond a 211 in progress at 2144 kramer street the cyberdyne building
Alright play it your way
And also that the father of her child was a soldier sent back to protect her
And here we are
And if someone comes up to you with an attitude you say eat me!
And if someone gets upset you say chill out
And if you want to shine them on it's hasta la vista baby
And that's another thing you can lighten up a bit yourself this severe routine is getting old ok
And the chip
And then the blast wave hits them and they fly apart like leaves
And you are always like a snake
Anybody not wearing two million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day get it
Are we learning yet
Are you all right yeah
Are you ever afraid no not even of dying no
Are you hurt
Are you sure you're all right
Are you the legal guardian of john connor
As before the resistance was able to send a lone warrior a protector for john
August 29 1997 came and went nothing much happened michael jackson turned 40
Baby I am this close
Baby this is gonna blow 'em away it's a neural net processor
Back off! get back! i'll pump him full of this shit I swear!
Because if a machine can learn the value of human life maybe we can too
Because skynet knows that the russian counterattack will eliminate its enemies over here
Break it up before I wring both of your necks
But everything she said was true she knew and nobody believed her not even me
But he's my friend alright
But I had to get you out of that place i'm sorry
But I thought aren't we changing things right now changing the way it goes
But it can form solid metal shapes
But the dark future which never came still exists for me and it always will like the traces of a dream
But then when my mom got busted I got put in a regular school
But there was this one guy he was kinda cool he taught me engines
But you've told me on many occasions about how you crushed one in a hydraulic press
Call john
Call to John
Call to John now
Can we reset the switch
Can you even see anything
Can you get us in past security
Can you learn stuff you haven't been programmed with
Can you see the pin switch
Can't let you take the man's wheels son now get off before I put you down
Check them
Children look like burnt paper black not moving
Chill out dick wad
Chopper's coming in! it's him
Come back here!
Come here
Come here (2)
Come on
Come on (2)
Come on baby come on! come on!
Come on here
Come on hurry get in come on! go!
Come on it's ok
Come on let's book
Come on let's go
Come on let's go spend some money
Come on let's split! come on!
Come on man! you can't leave the desk like that!
Come on mom
Come on mom come on!
Come on mom get up! come on!
Come on mom I got you come on
Come on mom we got to get out
Come on mom we got to get outta here come on! get up!
Come on sweetheart let's go
Come on!
Come on! (2)
Come on! let's go! let's go! come on!
Come on! oh shit! go! go! go!
Come with me if you want to live
Coming up to the right
Cool my own terminator wow
Cops are going nuts looking for you
Cos you could be mine but you're way out of line
Could he already be there
Could I excuse me could I borrow that thing
Could I speak with him please
Cyberdyne systems model 101
Daddy! ' danny! danny!
Damn it the silent alarm's been tripped
Danny I want you to come with me right now show me your room
Danny just go! go danny! go!
Danny your time is up come brush your teeth and get to bed
Deep penetration
Do it
Do you have a photograph of john
Do you need any help
Do you see it
Does it hurt when you get shot? I sense injuries. The data could be called pain
Doesn't that mean anything to you don't you care
Doesn't want you to do too much thinking
Don't even think about it
Don't hurt him!
Don't hurt my daddy!
Don't kill him!
Don't move!
Don't shoot me again don't kill me
Don't stop!
Douglas take her back to her room please
Dreams of cataclysm the end of the world are very common
Drive a minute
Drive faster
Drop the shit! do it! do it!
Dyson listened while the terminator laid it all down
Easy money
Enrique it's dangerous for you here you get out tonight too okay
Enrique! are you here
Everything behind my desk
Fall back! everybody out! fall back now! go! go! go!
Fine sarah
Five low
For a while there she was with this crazy ex green beret guy running guns then there were some other guys
Friends from out of town I just thought i'd take 'em upstairs and show 'em around
Fuck you you little dipshit!
Fuck you!
Fuck you! she's a priority to me!
Fucking men like you built the hydrogen bomb men like you thought it up
Get a grip john ok
Get down
Get down (2)
Get down (3)
Get down (4)
Get down on the floor bitch get down now!
Get down on the floor face down! down on the floor now!
Get her off of me!
Get her! get her!
Get in the office on the floor face down
Get off me!
Get on the floor now!
Get out
Get out of the way
Get out of the way john!
Get outta here!
Get outta here! let's go!
Get real
Get some food
Get some restraints in here now!
Get started on the door
Get the hell outta here!
Get this psycho off of me! help! help! i'm being kidnapped! get this psycho off of me!
Get up come on
Get up the steps go on
Gibbons gibbons!
Gimme a break
Girls do you know john connor
Give me five just put out your hand like this come on
Give me that location again
Go baby go baby
Go i'll finish here
Go on
Go run
Go straight!
Go! (2)
God damnit! you have to be smarter than that you almost got yourself killed what were you thinking
God! you think you're safe and alive you're already dead everybody! him you you're dead already this whole place everything you see is gone!
Goddamn it! what's your problem damn it!
Goddamn! you all right
Good bye
Good if you can't pass for human you're not much good to us
Good morning dr silberman
Good morning mr dyson
Good now remove the shock damping assembly
Good now try it good!
Got you! no you didn't! got you! no you didn't!
Grab the chain grab it grab it go go!
Grab this guy I can't believe he called me
Great thanks
Great what happens to her
Guns explosives have chemicals moving parts
Hand me the shotgun
Hang on
Has that got something to do with this
Hasta la vista baby
Hasta la vista baby (2)
Haven't you learned anything yet haven't you figured out why you can't kill people
He doesn't even believe me anymore i've lost him
He hasn't cleaned that room of his in a month
He killed 17 police officers that night men with families children
He said he was going to the galleria right yeah
He took it pretty well
He took off on his bike this morning so he could be anywhere
He was from the future too
He'll kill us all!
He'll kill us all! he'll kill us all!
He'll live
He's a good looking boy do you mind if I keep this picture
He's cool enrique he's with me he's uncle bob