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Home > Hey There, It's Yogi Bear...
A deal, right? You take down all the do not feed the bear signs and I'll stick around.
A fabulous Cindy. Well, why are walking there?
A great season, at least until you know who wakes up.
A little bit. Let's go back to Jellystone Yogi.
A rubber light rack. But Yogi, we can't roll our way out of the park.
A truck. Come on, boom. We'll hitch a ride.
Absolutely no.
Absolutely unbelievable. And what's that, chief, that three?
After all, it's time I settle down.
All need sunglasses, sunglasses, garlic.
All the bad say so. Is that so?
All the Commissioner, what are, I tell you, this is it.
Alone, do you mind, old pal?
An emergency A rubber light rack.
And at once, Jellystone Park.
And at present, the fire department units have moved into position.
And bear around here tell you well, there's always room at the top.
And because you're such a sweet kid, here's another nothing for nothing.
And don't hold overline.
And don't panic. We use our heads. No one will know anything's wrong.
And hand over that hat. Yes, Sir.
And here's the truck to whisk you away to California.
And I can assure you, Sir, I'll be one of the good bears from now on.
And I would just didn't need him in that Lion. Should I would.
And I'm a new Yogi. Yogi, this is Ranger Smith. Can you hear me?
And I'm going to find her. Yogi, wait. I'll go with you.
And little Bitty Bear no Goldilocks.
And mind your own business. My business is your business. Take a look.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, our star attraction for one and only the fabulous since.
And protected bear I am to escort her back to Jellystone Park, and at once.
And that did it.
And that's not easy sometimes I find. My way. Too sunny in Napoli. Ohh, Bombay.
And The Cave to hide in any cave in a storm.
And there my courage sayings of all. Always. I love you.
And we'd clean up the Don't forget grifter we split 5050.
And what's that, chief? That three bears can vanish without a trace?
And where are you going, little GAIL?
And why a man sniveling? That's it.
And you knows it, but Missus Rutabaga said she saw Big Bear, a medium sized bear and a little bitty bear.
And you snively, you taking care of that key.
And you'll eat? Yes Sir, Read this sign.
Ansible for our safety? Yeah, so.
Any. Then oh. Danny.
Anything you say, Sir.
Are in the circus. Well, it's oblivious. She didn't leave jellystone to be with me.
Are you all right? I course book.
Are you all right? Ohh man OK?
Are you coming down? There's a little something to settle first. Like what? Like removing the Do Not feed the Bear sign.
Armed Let's move our mobile TV unit in for a close up of these bears who so far have eluded every effort to capture them.
As an escape, huh? Well, don't worry chief, I got this area covered from up here, Yogi. I'll never get by me.
As another famous bear once said, what are you doing in my bed?
As for that rabbit jumping, he must be up to something like I like you to jump for me.
Aside from me last year and I didn't find him all summer.
At least the little lady. Ohh, sure, sure. I gotta admit, you're pretty smart. Smart.
At your elbow, Sir.
Autograph book. I'll have to put my bare feet in a wet cement. Yay.
B. Try it, Yogi. I'll try anything once.
Baba Yogi Cornpone at the risk.
Back at her house now. Looky here, Sam. You know there are no bears in these here parts.
Back home. Under blue sky. Thank you. Bye. Bye, bye.
Back in jellystone. And if we didn't break the rules, maybe they wouldn't ship us out again.
Back to jellystone. We'll raise a ladder and bring you all down safely.
Back. Money. Lots of money. I told you all we needed was a good act and we'd clean up.
Back. You get everything done. When you put your lips. Your way back home.
Bad, Sir. I know We gotta move fast.
Based on homesick? Sure.
Batter up fast. Just a minute. Now let's not be too hasty pudding about this. What do you?
Be careful you.
Be right back. Cindy. Mole. Cindy, you're not allowed to go into the picnic areas.
Be up by now. What's bothering me is what is he up to? Where will he stripe first?
Bean leg. Thank you, ma'am.
Bear on the windshield.
Bear on the windshield. Ohh boy, this guy's a real comedian, but I'll go along with a gag tower.
Bear on the windshield. Yeah, I was just gonna ask you the same thing. That's.
Bears all love it here in the park. Of course, if one of them didn't like Jellystone Park, I might ship him out.
Bears and San Diego I'm shipping Cindy to the Saint Louis Zoo.
Bears It's Yogi and Cindy and Bobo.
Beat down. OK, Yogi, step down.
Beautiful love song, not so far away.
Before you. Yogi Bear and a clown suit.
Believe there again, I will make that unanimity enemy.
Better than the average bear here, be my guess.
Big raid. Let's have a parade that we can call our own.
Bilgi smell the flower.
Bobo, come back.
Bon Voyage Corn Boon and.
Boo Boo Yogi's been sent to the San Diego Zoo. Oh.
Boo Boo, How'd he do to all our friends in Jellystone Park?
Boop hopping. Well alright, but I don't like it.
Boy adios living room.
Boy Yogi, see the Ranger I got transferred out of this jellystone outfit.
Boy, it's sure good to have you back.
Boy. Hey Shane, Hey Shane, What's your?
Browns come. Come on, We'll hang them up in the press.
Business currect.
But chief, I couldn't stop Yogi from leaving the park. He.
But how are you going to get in without a ticket Yogi?
But I'm trying not to laugh. And Yogi, instead of this raft, we could be gliding along in a gondola.
But in my heart, I know just where to find my wonder.
But we're headed for that lake, Yogi. I hope it's soft water.
But Yogi the Ranger isn't going to like it.
But Yogi, how are we going to get out of the park?
But you bears are. I'll shoot. Excuse me, ma'am.
Bye, bye.
Bye, bye. The feeling. 1.
Bye. Bye, Betty. Bye.
Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake. No, not you, Cindy.
Call me. That.
Call. Come on. What? What's the matter?
Calm. That's an order. Yes, Sir.
Can take me to 1000 worlds I always dream of.
Can you join me? I'd love to.
Can't happen keep running. Ohh.
Chance to go to Caroline, the captain of an organization.
Charlie Yeah. Do you see a bear on the windshield?
Charlie, you will. He's in charge of the San Diego Zoo, where you're going.
Cheese. Cheese, the flag. They want you.
Chief Hi Jay. Any instructions while you're gone?
Chisling Brothers Circus sensational spectacular new star sign.
Chisling Brothers Circus.
Cindy may be in trouble.
Cindy, how about that?
Cindy, where? Where are you going? I'll be right back.
Cindy. Hi.
Cindy. Mindy, where? Where are you going?
Circus parade. Well, the parade you just.
Clearly, Sir Yogi, I'm responsible for taking you all back to jellystone.
Clippy I'll even be glad to see the Do Not Feed the Bears sign.
Close. Hello, Picnic Basket.
Coast to coast cash chief, what are you going to do?
Colin Carr 34, Colin Carr 34.
Come back with that pie, Cindy. No. What's the matter with you, Cindy No. Ohh.
Come back with that pie.
Come on out, Cindy. There's nothing to be afraid of.
Come on, Yogi, jump.
Come on, Yogi, we can't hang around. Cindy may be in trouble.
Come on. Hey, so as the elevator sinks slowly into the basement, we say Aloha to the gendarmes.
Come through the air a life raft? Yeah. Would you believe it?
Common little buddy, right Back to home sweet home.
Company Hope Eddies Men.
Connect is a gold mine. Tomorrow we'll start off with a big parade and really hold the crowd in.
Cool. What's that? Sounds like a parade.
Cornpone. At the risk of sounding redundant, what are you doing in my bed?
Cover the back country will do.
Cover the back country will do. Set up communications and keep me informed here at the command post. Roger.
Currect you have in custody Cindy, a government protected bear.
Damn it. Then I'll find him this time.
Damn, what am I yelling? I'm a bear.
Dan Chara I'd like to man, but I gotta get after them, Bear.
Day 15. Cool.
Deal, Sir. No deals. Just get me down.
Deserve a deal that do not feed the bear signs. Go Yeah.
Did so Yogi well? She can have her console make believe world.
Diego Zoo ohh boy God give you.
Diego Zoo. That is it. Boo Boo buddy. So if you'll excuse me.
Do it in my bed. It's spraying. Yogi, it's spraying.
Do not feed the bears sign. I just want to see green leaves again. Yeah and mountains and lakes and a forest on a tall trees.
Do they know you're here? Are you joshing, Sir?
Do you find your fault? He's better than me.
Do you mind, old pal? No Yogi, I understand.
Do you? Yeah. Listen, now, let me go to California and I'll let you have your cave by.
Does she know that? No, I didn't tell her.
Doggy love Cindy. Come on, pal. Don't try to hide it from me, Yeah.
Don't feed the bears, but Yogi, those are the park rules. I have to enforce them. That's.
Don't go away. I'll get the key and set you free.
Don't hold the phone. CC Stone isn't the only park in the country.
Don't move. Two bears are I'll shoot.
Don't park on this raft, Ohh Yogi. I declare you're the smartest bear ever.
Don't try to hide it from me. Yeah, how about that. You just can't keep a secret around here anymore.
Don't you think, Jellystone Park? I'm oblivious.
Don't you, Yogi? Frankly, Boo Boo, I can take it. Or who needs it?
Down safely yippee ohh yoke.
Down. Step down.
Dude California 8 ohh fine ohh boy California Yeah cold.
Due to the Saint Louis Zoo, Saint Louis Zoo.
Dylan, deal. Answer me. Yogi, are you coming down there?
Eagles Zoo. Oh, thank you, Boo Boo.
Especially you. Yeah. Yes, Sir.
Everybody down the bank this way. Over here, you, man.
Excuse me, ma'am?
Eyewire Bear Gosh Cindy's a star in the Circus.
Faster Yogi, faster.
Firm in that fur coat. Well, I can't take it off. I'm a bear.
First thing to the Commissioner, but Sir.
Flat Rock. Yeah. And you know, just the same, I'm hungry.
Flight 47 cooling tower.
Flight 47 If you see any flying elephants, report them to the zoo, will you and.
Folks, the Bears have had a pretty rough time of it but for.
For reinforcements, the bears are fighting back.
For sheriff here, Ohh Chief Missus Rubaga called in.
For the last kid already, he was teetering on teetering rock.
For the part, Get it? Gee, that's good thinking, Sir.
For the Saint Louis Zoo. And that's the end of the line. Saint Louis.
Forest. You know what it says, Yogi. And it applies to all the bears, Especially you.
Found him. This time he's in love with me and needs me, Only he doesn't know it.
Four states, right? Let's move. Movement. You organize a posse, spread out and cover the back country. We'll do.