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Cinderella (1950) Soundboard

Cinderella (1950) Soundboard

Cinderella (1950) is a classic Disney animated film that tells the enchanting tale of a young girl who goes from rags to riches. Released in 1950, this iconic movie has captured the hearts of generations with its timeless story, lovable characters, and beautiful animation.

The cast of Cinderella brings the characters to life with their incredible voice acting skills. Ilene Woods lends her voice to the sweet and kind-hearted Cinderella, capturing the essence of her character's inner strength and resilience. With her captivating voice, Ilene Woods brings warmth and depth to the role, making Cinderella a relatable and beloved character for audiences of all ages.

Another memorable character in Cinderella is the Fairy Godmother, voiced by Verna Felton. Felton's delightful portrayal of the Fairy Godmother adds an element of magic and whimsy to the story. Her voice is filled with charm and grace, making the Fairy Godmother one of the most memorable characters in the film.

An iconic part of Cinderella is the animal friends that accompany her on her journey. The lovable mice Jaq and Gus, voiced by Jimmy MacDonald and James MacDonald respectively, provide comic relief and bring a sense of lightheartedness to the story. Their antics and loyalty to Cinderella make them endearing characters that are beloved by audiences.

The wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, is brought to life by the talented voice actress Eleanor Audley. With her smooth and commanding voice, Audley perfectly captures the sinister nature of Lady Tremaine. Her performance leaves a lasting impression, making Lady Tremaine one of the most memorable and despised villains in Disney history.

The animation in Cinderella is nothing short of magical. The attention to detail and the vibrant colors bring the world of Cinderella to life. From the opulent ballroom to the humble kitchen, each scene is meticulously crafted, immersing the audience in a fairytale world filled with beauty and wonder.

The music in Cinderella is equally captivating. The songs, composed by Mack David, Jerry Livingston, and Al Hoffmann, are timeless classics that are cherished to this day. The iconic "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" embodies the hopeful spirit of the film, while "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" adds fun and magic to the story. These songs, along with others like "So This is Love" and the energetic "The Work Song," leave a lasting impression and contribute to the film's enduring popularity.

If you want to relive the enchantment of Cinderella, you can play and download the sounds from the movie here. Immerse yourself in the beautiful melodies and whimsical tunes that have captured the hearts of millions over the years. Feel the magic come alive as the charming songs whisk you away to a world of dreams and fairytales.

Cinderella (1950) remains an essential part of Disney's legacy and continues to captivate audiences of all ages. With its timeless story, memorable characters, stunning animation, and enchanting music, this beloved film has become a true classic. Whether you are discovering it for the first time or rewatching it for the hundredth time, Cinderella will transport you to a world where dreams really do come true. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to experience the magic all over again.

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep
A knighthood I hereby dub you sir um uh by the way what title would you like
A likely story
A pretty plot for fairy tales sire but in real life oh no no! it was foredoomed to failure
A pumpkin
A suitable wife
A thousand pardons your grace please continue
After all I suppose it would be frightfully dull and boring and completely completely wonderful
After all we did make a bargain didn't we cinderella and I never go back on my word
All loyal subjects of his imperial majesty are hereby notified by royal proclamation in regard to a certain glass slipper
All right
All right all right i'm coming
All right all right i'm coming (2)
All right breakfast is served
All right lucifer what did you do with him
All right, all right. I'm coming.
All we could find was this glass slipper
Although he was a kind and devoted father and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort still he felt she needed a mother's care
An urgent message from his imperial majesty
Anastasia anastasia! get up anastasia
Anastasia dear
And after all a dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep
And by royal command every eligible maiden is to attend
And cinderella
And don't forget the garden
And don't forget to warn him about the cat
And for you my friend
And for you, my friend.
And he was so handsome and when we danced
And I can do the sewing
And i'm so eligible
And if one can be found whom the slipper fits then by the king's command that girl shall be the prince's bride
And if you can find something suitable to wear
And in due course upon the inevitable demise of his majesty the king succeed to the throne to rule over the land as king and queen of our kingdom
And it says 'by royal command every eligible maiden is to attend'
And look glass slippers
And look that's my sash she's wearing my sash
And of course there's the mending and the sewing and the laundry
And perhaps someday the dreams that I wish will come true
And remember if anything goes wrong
And see that every eligible maid is there understand
And so he married again choosing for his second wife a woman of good family with two daughters just cinderella's age by name anastasia and drizella
And that includes you your majesty
And the windows upstairs and down wash them!
And this too my slippers now don't forget
And we'll make a lovely dress for cinderelly whoo! we'll make a lovely dress for cinderelly
And yet through it all cinderella remained ever gentle and kind
And, after all...
Announcing his imperial grace the grand duke
Another one
Anyone can see a throne would be your proper place
Are hereby notified by royal proclamation in regard to a certain
As King and Queen of our kingdom.
Ba dum dum ba dum dum ba dee
Better practice passing these out eh
Bibbidi bobbidi bibbidi bobbidi bibbidi bobbidi boo
Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Bibbidi bobbidi boo (2)
Bibbidi bobbidi boo (3)
Bless you my child i
Breakfast ooh breakfast!
Breakfast time everybody up hurry hurry come on everybody breakfast breakfast come on let's eat breakfast
Bruno bruno!
Bruno yes bruno! quick get bruno get bruno!
Bruno! oh bruno
But don't you think my dress
But I didn't get a chance
But I just finished do them again!
But I was only trying to
But i'm not getting any younger you know I want to see my grandchildren before I go
But if you'd only listen
But it's true sire
But of course there will be other times and
But she vanished into thin air.
But sire he loves her he won't rest till he finds her he's determined to marry her
But sire in matters of love
But sire this slipper may fit one of any number of girls
But the thing a ma bob that does the job is bibbidi bobbidi boo
But tonight for a change you will handle the reins and sit in the driver's seat too
But we have to hurry because even miracles take a little time
But why well i
But you see I have the other slipper
But your majesty if the prince should suspect
Cat cat cat cat lucifer that's him meany sneaky jump at you bite at you big big big as a house
Chasing lucifer catch him this time
Cinderella (2)
Cinderella (3)
Cinderella (4)
Cinderella (5)
Cinderella cinderella cinderella!
Cinderella get my things together
Cinderella! (bell ringing)
Cinderella! cinderella!
Cinderella! cinderella! (2)
Cinderella! i've warned you never to interrupt
Cinderella! mother she can't oh no you can't!
Cinderelly cinderelly cinderella!
Cinderelly cinderelly night and day it's cinderelly
Cinderelly look look! the slippers! yeah your slipper your slipper cinderelly
Cinderelly will be surprised
Cinderelly will not go to the ball
Cinderelly! cinderelly!
Close the door cinderella
Cold cruel and bitterly jealous of cinderella's charm and beauty she was grimly determined to forward the interests of her own two awkward daughters
Come here
Come kitty come on
Come my child
Come on and be careful yes yes yes real careful
Come on come on get up gus gus get up
Come on hurry up the stairs up the stairs!
Come on let him go
Come on now outside
Come, my child.
Coming coming
Da dum da da dum bum bum bum la da da da bum dum ba dee
Did you hear that gus
Do I look all right i'm so excited I just don't know what i'll do
Do you think it will do?
Don't don't don't don't
Don't forget the mending don't be all day getting it done either
Don't just stand there! bring up the breakfast trays at once and hurry!
Dreaming again
Dressed oh yes oh we must get dressed it wouldn't do for the duke to see me
Drizella drizella!
Duh let go! let go now
Eh um oh yes it is upon this day decreed that a quest be instituted throughout
Even he orders me around
Every time she finds a minute that's the time when they begin it
Everyone's talking about it the whole kingdom
Failure eh
Failure eh take a look at that you pompous windbag
Failure, eh?
Follow me gus gus I know where to go
Follow me, Gus Gus. I know where to go.
Follow that coach!
For instead of a horse you're the coachman of course
For with each dawn she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true
From the king!
Get up quick this instant we haven't a moment to lose
Girls girls remember above all self control
Girls girls that's quite enough
Girls now remember this is your last chance don't fail me
Girls please
Girls! girls! your manners
Give it here let me have it
Gonna help our Cinderelly
Good heavens child you can't go in that!
Good morning anastasia
Good morning drizella sleep well
Good morning stepmother
Good night
Good night.
Goodbye (2)
Goodbye (3)
Goodness me! it's getting late hurry up dear the ball can't wait
Got no time to dilly daily
Got no time to dilly dally we got to get it goin'
Gotta get him out! it's in a rat trap
Gracious what did I do
Gracious, what did I do?
Guard! guard! stop that coach! close those gates!
Gus gus gus gus come on
Gus gus take the lucify and look at!
Ha! her dancing with the prince
Happy birthday!
Have a good time dance be gay
Have faith in dreams
Have faith in dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through
Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through
He said that did he we've got him!
He'll need a jacket and shoes
He's been hunting all night hunting for that girl the one who lost her slipper at the ball last night
He's over here the duke duke
He's over here, the Duke Duke.
Heave ho heave ho heave ho
Here have a cigar take a few more
Here in a stately chateau there lived a widowed gentleman and his little daughter cinderella
Here kitty kitty
Hey! we can do it! we can do it we can do it
His bride his bride!
His grace will read the royal proclamation
Hmm there must be something good about him
Hmm where's gus gus well guess he got away
Hold your tongue
Hop uh hop ready hop hop hop
How can she stand there
How do you do it
How very clever
Huh as if you care
Huh one of us
Humph! are you gonna get it
Hurry along now both of you I won't have you upsetting yourselves
Hurry hurry hurry gonna help our cinderelly
Hurry now he'll be here any minute who will the grand duke
I am patient!
I am patient!
I can get you out
I can't believe not any more
I can't understand it there must be at least one who'd make a suitable mother
I can't understand why it's always fit perfectly before
I don't even know your name how will I find you wait! please wait
I don't know he said it's urgent
I don't think you're half trying
I give up even I couldn't expect the boy to
I hear you come on get up you say time to start another day
I I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet again
I know i've never seen her nor I but she certainly is
I know it isn't easy but at least we should try to get along together
I regret to inform you sire that the young lady has disappeared leaving behind only this glass slipper
I regret to inform you, Sire,
I think they're still in bed
I tried to stop her but she vanished into thin air