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Toy Story (1995) Soundboard

Toy Story (1995) Soundboard

Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated comedy film directed by John Lasseter. It was the first entirely computer- animated feature film, as well as the first feature film from Pixar.
See also: List of Toy Story characters, Toy Story (franchise), Bo Peep (Toy Story), Woody (Toy Story), Toy Story 2, Toy Story (video game),

A buzz lightyear no way!
A Buzz Lightyear? No way!
A good soldier never leaves a man behind
A large box it's
A lunch box lunch box for lunch
A moving buddy if you don't have one get one!
A stranger from the outside
Aah! Aah! No! No!
Aah! This is the part where we blow up!
According to my navi computer the
Ages 3 and up it's on my box ages 3 and up i'm not supposed to be baby sitting princess drool
All I can do is there's a snake in my boots
All right
All right andy's opening the first present now
All right back! back you cannibals!
All right buzz get ready and
All right everyone you're clear to come up
All right everyone! this is a stick up! don't anybody move!
All right gangway gangway
All right let's go!
All right listen up I need pump boy here ducky here
All right men you heard him code red! repeat we are at code red
All right next oh yes
All right that's enough!
All right that's it!
All right then I will stand back everyone!
All right, back! Back, you cannibals!
All right, let's go!
All right, thank you.
All right!
All right! all right!
All right! Double prizes!
All right! double prizes!
All right.
All right. All right!
All this packing makes me hungry what would you say to dinner at oh pizza planet
Almost there
And also there has been a bit of a mix up
And another thing stop with this spaceman thing! it's getting on my nerves!
And as the years go by our friendship will never die
And as the years go by our friendship will never die (2)
And best of all high pressure space wings! to infinity and beyond! not a flying toy
And counting ten nine eight seven six five four three two one!
And he does it like that and he does a karate chop action!
And I will go sailing no more
And i'm from mattel well i'm not really from mattel i'm actually from a smaller company that was purchased in a leveraged buyout
And I'm from Mattel. Well, I'm not really from Mattel.
And i've lost the love of the one whom I adore
And it's not because you're a space ranger pal
And now you wanna let him back over here
And taken away everything that was important to me...
And the universe explodes!
And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere
And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.
And this is andy's room
And this is Andy's room.
And this is how we find out what is in those presents
And we wanna thank mr spell for putting that on for us thank you mr spell
And welcome back to the point richmond bowling championship
And when we get there we'll be able to find a way to transport you home
And which present are you gonna open first mine!
And you my friend are responsible for delaying my rendezvous with star command!
Andy i'm heading out the door!
Andy is gone
Andy is now opening his first present it's
Andy! (2)
Andy'll find you here he'll take us back to the room and then you can tell everyone that this was all just a big mistake
Andy's birthday party has been moved to today
Andy's coming, everybody! Back to your places! Hurry!
Andy's coming! everybody back to your places! hurry!
Andy's house sid's house what's the difference
Andy's opening it
Another stunt like that cowboy you're gonna get us killed
Any dinosaur shaped ones
Any other toy would give up his moving parts just to be you
Are we there already
Are you
Are you all right
Are you gonna come quietly
Are you saying you wanna lodge a complaint with star command
As a matter of fact you're too cool
As a matter of fact, you're too cool.
As a member of the elite universe protection unit of the space ranger corps
Attaboy slink!
Available at all al's toy barn outlets in the tri county area
B 3
Back back down down!
Back! back you savages! back!
Bad news
Be careful with that! it's extremely dangerous
Be happy!
Before your space journey re energize yourself with a slice of pepperoni now boarding at counter three
Birthday guests at three o'clock!
Blast! this'll take weeks to repair
Boy I love you too
Boys, stop it!
Brain transplant before.
But I need your help.
But mom I can't find him!
But no it can't be true I could fly if I wanted to like a bird in the sky
But they're cannibals we saw them eat those other toys
But we're not on my planet are we no
But what if andy gets another dinosaur a mean one
But what if we leave them behind
But why would andy want me
But you know he'll always have a special place for you yeah like the attic
Buzz buzz buzz lightyear to the rescue
Buzz buzz lightyear you are not worried are you
Buzz come on! get up! use your legs!
Buzz come over here tell the nice toys that you're that you're not dead
Buzz has it all! locking wrist communicator!
Buzz hey buzz are you okay
Buzz I would love to see you try
Buzz is fine buzz is right here he's with me!
Buzz is out there we gotta help him no!
Buzz is that you
Buzz lightyear do you read me
Buzz lightyear mission log
Buzz lightyear mission log star date 4 0 7 2 my ship has run off course en route to sector 12
Buzz lightyear planet earth needs your help
Buzz lightyear responding read you loud and clear
Buzz lightyear to star command come in star command star command come in do you read me
Buzz lightyear to the rescue!
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
Buzz lightyear to the rescue! (2)
Buzz Lightyear, planet Earth needs your help!
Buzz Lightyear!
Buzz lightyear! the world's greatest superhero! now the world's greatest toy!
Buzz look an alien! where
Buzz the coast is clear
Buzz the monkeys aren't working!
Buzz was that you
Buzz we missed the truck
Buzz what are you doin' I thought you were
Buzz where are you
Buzz will you get up here and give me a hand
Buzz you're a genius!
Buzz, the monkeys aren't working
Buzz! (2)
Buzz! (3)
Buzz! (4)
Buzz! buzz come back!
Buzz! buzz!
Buzz! buzz! ha! you're alive!
Buzz! no!
Buzz! oh buzz! buzz lightyear buzz lightyear thank goodness we've got trouble!
Calling buzz lightyear come in buzz lightyear this is star command star command!
Calling buzz lightyear!
Can I bring some toys you can bring one toy just one one toy
Can I help pump the gas sure! i'll even let you drive yeah yeah when you're 16
Can! whoa!
Clearly I will go sailing no more
Come back!
Come in frankincense
Come in mother bird this is alpha bravo
Come in mother bird! come in mother bird!
Come in, Frankincense. Andy is now opening his first present. It's...
Come on buzz
Come on buzz we can do it
Come on come on smaller toys up front
Come on come on this way
Come on down guys! it's time for games! we've got prizes!
Come on guys every christmas and birthday we go through this
Come on let's get outta here
Come on let's wrangle up the cattle
Come on man hurry up! like the pizzas are getting cold here!
Come on molly
Come on sheriff there's a kid over in that house who needs us
Come on that's it
Come on, Buzz, we can do it
Come on!
Come on! they're not lying down on the job
Comin' out of the ground what a touch that was a stroke of genius
Coming out of the ground... what a touch. That was a stroke of genius.
Cool! what am I gonna blow man
Cool! What am I gonna blow?
Could we leave this up 'til we move
Countdown will commence momentarily stand by
Cutting boulevard huh yeah yeah which way
Did I get my package in the mail I don't know
Did you all take stupid pills this morning
Didn't wanna face the fact that buzz just might be andy's new favourite toy so you got rid of him
Do not fight the claw
Do we have to hold hands
Do you know a way outta here
Do you know these life forms
Do you know where cutting boulevard is
Doctor you've done it!
Doesn't he realise that i'm not there
Don't count on it
Don't even think about it cowboy
Don't let it get to you woody
Don't move!
Don't shoot! it's okay friends
Don't talk to me about importance! because of you the security of this entire universe is in jeopardy!
Don't tell me what to do
Don't you get it you see the hat I am mrs nesbitt!
Emperor Zurg has been secretly building...
Etch you've been working on that draw
Everybody hear me up on the shelf can you hear me great
Everybody say bye house!
Everybody settle down now kids everybody
Everyone else was picked
Everyone! it's woody! woody you're kidding! woody
Excuse me
Excuse me I think the word you're searching for is space ranger
Extremely dangerous keep out of reach of children
Fastest knobs in the west
Fine! Let Sid trash you! But don't blame me!
Fine! let sid trash you! but don't blame me!
Five, Four, Three,
For crying out loud
Frankincense this is myrrh
From now on you must take good care of your toys,
From now on you must take good care of your toys! because if you don't we'll find out sid
From the evil Emperor Zurg, sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance.
Funny mom
Gee i'd better shave
Get away you stupid dog! down! down!
Get away!
Get him! come on!
Get outta that car! move it!
Get to your places! get to your places!
Get your buzz lightyear action figure and save a galaxy near you! buzz lightyear!
Gettin' kind of tense, aren't ya?
Gettin' kinda tense aren't ya
Gimme that!
Give me five man!
Go away!
Go away! you disgusting freaks!
Go back to your lives citizens show's over
Go on without me! just go!
Go wash your hands and i'll get molly ready