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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A coke
A cold drink okay
A couple of towns couple of bosses
A dollar
A phony what do you mean a phony what you talking about man
A true vision of paradise itself with two of the angels right there frisking around with my boy
Aah! brake it up break it up! he'll kill him!
About a mile and a half
About two hours left
Ah drag it's gonna be one hot mother today
Ain't ate for four days you gonna need a little extra
Ain't but four what did I tell you you owe me a cold drink
Ain't nothing to do with it
Ain't you ever gonna learn that they ain't gonna let no doctors here
All 50 of them
All right
All right (2)
All right (3)
All right (4)
All right (5)
All right 20 dollars! anything gambler more like it
All right all right
All right all right last bell last bell
All right break it up
All right break it up break it up
All right come on come on break it up
All right come on slip it to you drag let's go
All right drink it up gambler
All right everybody in the trucks
All right get your money up
All right here
All right i'll call
All right i'll see your buck and back a buck
All right i'm in this next
All right koko wipe it off
All right last bell last bell
All right let's go
All right let's move it
All right luke luke
All right men let's eat them beans
All right now get mad at them damned eggs eat it there boy chew on it gnaw on it
All right now the rest of you I wanna hear from some big money men where's all the high rollers
All right pot's right here we go
All right roll it
All right smoke it up
All right smoke it up!
All right stand back you pedestrians this ain't no automobile accident
All right then you just call him
All right you men get lined up here
All that time you was planning on running again
All you new meats you gonna have to shape up fast and hard for this gang
All you've got to do is give up nice and quiet
An hour
And call the rest of us boss you hear
And down below man that thing didn't reach no higher than
And I don't like it any more than you men
And I mean right
And I wanna see you roll it
And john too
And just where am I supposed to fit in
And that girl in kentucky i'd taken a shine to her
And the big ace gets slop in the face
And the three gets big ace
And then john here he wrote to the police
And then the terrible trio are gonna be complete again
And then we gonna get koko out of there
And they was aiming to kill you but I fixed it
And you make a bad enough mistake and then you gotta deal with the man and he is one rough old boy okay
Any man caught smoking in the prone position in bed spends a night in the box
Any man don't bring his empty bottle spends a night in the box
Any man don't keep order spends a night in the box
Any man forgets his number spends a night in the box
Any man loses his spoon spends a night in the box
Any man loud talking spends a night in the box
Any man not in his bunk at 8 spends the night in the box
Any man playing grab ass or fighting spends a night in the box
Any man turns in the wrong sheet spends a night in the box
Anybody here
Aren't you gonna take those stripes off your pants
As carol pressed her lips to him his right hand started a slow descent down her silken body
Attaboy chew chew
Aw come on clarence
Babalugats got a bet here
Baby broke up in there oh my poor baby they done you real good
Barn! barn!
Be glad you got somebody kid
Bear is sure gonna be walking the road today
Because the sheriff will arrest you he's gonna take you down
Because they gonna remind you of what I been saying for your own good
Before you know it the heat's gonna be off of you
Ben ben huh
Bet the savanahs
Bet you can't
Big deal passing two bit checks
Blind dick is paying back 3 and borrowing 5
Blue come back here damn it blue come back damn it you blue baby
Boiled for 15 minutes eat the wholee thing in an hour
Boss drinking it up here
Boss godfrey
Boss paul says you wasn't happy with your job that you was complaining
Boy let me tell you something you know them chains ain't medals you get them for making mistakes
Boy look at him go
Break it up! come on break it up!
Breaking entering and assault
But as long as you done took a stand why don't you put money where your mouth is not no measly buck
But I got it here
But I loved my neighbor and his wife
But I made this arrangement
But it's beginning to get to me
But luke
But they didn't get my mind right not with no stick no sir
But when I saw you tearing down the road in that truck
But you ain't strong enough
But you don't understand I made this deal
Call the captain captain
Can I see that what are you
Can too
Can too (2)
Can too (3)
Can you spare a minute it's about time we had a little talk
Can't you wait until he stops bleeding
Captain says for us to wait until the patrol gets in
Carr what's the time
Carr you got anything
Champagne you was having a good time man you had it made
Checking my yo yo boss
Chin up boy
Cold drink
Cold drink he don't make it
Come on baby pop
Come on boy
Come on come on blue
Come on come on come on chew chew chew
Come on come on tell us what were they like
Come on don't get up
Come on drag
Come on drag cut it out
Come on drag let us see the picture
Come on get in there
Come on get it up
Come on let me take a look
Come on luke come on get him
Come on luke come on luke
Come on luke eighteen to go
Come on ma
Come on my baby
Come on my darling
Come on now get it up
Come on now let's talk some money!
Come on now right over here
Come on out luke
Come on son come on up out of there
Come on that's it luke
Come on you're welcome to it old timer
Come on you've had your fun
Comes a time a day like when the bitch just don't recognize the pups no more so she don't have no hopes nor love to give her pain
Coming in boss
Coming out here boss
Cool hand luke
Corning in there wicker man
Cram it in and break it off hyah
Cut it out cut it out
Cuter (2)
Cuter again
Cutting the heads off of parking meters captain
Daily walking close to thee
Damn (2)
Damn things is blocking the scenery
Dear boys playing it cool luke
Desire and fear temptation and terror yearning and horror warred within her beautiful young body
Deuce gets a four no help
Did he have his eyes open or closed drag
Did you see how she was just about popping out of the top of that dress
Didn't even have sense to run from the road like everybody else
Do it man
Do you see my skinny little boy chow tonight
Do you wanna spend the night in the box too
Do yourself a favor read this part that koko underlined for me
Doesn't have
Dog boy shut them dogs up
Dollar's a deal
Don't boss
Don't boss don't hit me anymore for god's sake don't hit me anymore
Don't he ever talk
Don't hit me boss don't hit me i'll do whatever you say only don't hit me
Don't look at me mullethead
Don't you ever talk that way to me #dont ever talk that way to me #dont show disrespect #dont talk that way #strother martin #cool hand luke
Don't you ever talk that way to me never never
Drag drag new meat bus
Drag finish him finish him off drag
Drinking it up here boss
Drinking it up here boss (2)
Dying boy he can have this little life any time he wants to you hear that huh you hear it
Edgar potter
Every cent in camp is riding
Every saturday put the clean sheet on the top the top on the bottom bottom turn in to the laundry boy
Everything will be right back where it was right sweet buddy
Excuse me boss don't mean to interrupt caught short here
Expect that should come in real handy around here captain
Failure to Communicate #failure to communicate #no communication #mixed messages #strother martin #cool hand luke
Fifty boss
Fifty cents for a sweet job like that that's worth at least a buck
Fifty eggs gotta weigh a good 6 pounds man's gut can't hold that they'll swell up and bust him open
First bell
First bell (2)
First bell (3)
First bell is at 5 minutes of 8 when you will get in your bunk
First bell move it
First it was the salt
Five spot and a seaman
Fooling them huh you can't fool them about something like that they broke me