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Titanic (1997) Soundboard

Titanic (1997) Soundboard

Titanic (1997) is a timeless cinematic masterpiece directed by James Cameron. This epic romantic drama film takes audiences on an emotional journey through one of history's most tragic events, the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912. With a star-studded cast, breathtaking visuals, and a hauntingly beautiful score, Titanic continues to captivate audiences around the world.

The lead roles in Titanic were portrayed by the talented Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who brought their characters, Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, to life on the big screen. Their undeniable chemistry and heartfelt performances make this film an unforgettable experience.

The supporting cast of Titanic also contributed significantly to the film's success. Billy Zane portrays Rose's arrogant and possessive fiancé, Cal Hockley, while Frances Fisher portrays her strict and unsympathetic mother, Ruth. Other notable performances include Kathy Bates as Molly Brown, a kind-hearted and outspoken socialite, and Victor Garber as the ship's designer, Thomas Andrews.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Titanic is its attention to detail. James Cameron meticulously reconstructed the grandeur of the Titanic, both visually and audibly, making viewers feel as though they are on board the ill-fated vessel. The extraordinary production design, costume design, and visual effects earned the film several Academy Awards.

The enchanting score of Titanic was composed by James Horner and perfectly complements the film's emotional narrative. Celine Dion's iconic rendition of the theme song, "My Heart Will Go On," became a chart-topping hit and is often associated with the film. Its powerful melody and heartfelt lyrics resonate with audiences even to this day.

If you want to relive the magic of Titanic, you can easily immerse yourself in the film's soundscape. By playing and downloading the sounds from this cinematic gem, you can transport yourself to the luxurious decks of the Titanic and experience the romance and tragedy that unfolded in 1912.

Titanic (1997) remains a cinematic triumph, delivering an unforgettable blend of love, despair, and resilience. Through the incredible performances of its cast, the meticulous attention to detail, and the haunting soundtrack, this film continues to be regarded as one of the greatest of all time. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and let Titanic sweep you away on an emotional and cinematic voyage you won't soon forget.

A dangerous insect which must be squashed quickly.
A diamond a very rare diamond
A dozen other places
A dozen other places.
A piece of paper that's been underwater for 84 years
A piece of paper that's been underwater for 84 years ..
A real man makes his own luck right dawson
A very lucky hand.
A week before he sailed on Titanic.
A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets
About half actually
About that water being so cold.
After that I worked on a squid boat in monterey then I went to los angeles to the pier in santa monica and started doing portraits there for 10 cents each
Afterward the seven hundred people in the boats had nothing to do but wait
Ah forget it boyo you'd as like have angels fly out of your arse as get next to the likes of her
Ah they didn't think too much of them in old paree
Ah we may have something here guys
Ahead easy
Ain't nothing to it is there jack
All ahead full all ahead full!
All ahead full mr moody very good sir
All life is a game of luck
All right
All right boys like the captain said nice and cheery so there's no panic
All right come on!
All right enough of that bullshit
All right moment of truth someone's life is about to change
All right open your eyes
All right rose listen you're gonna have to go find some help it'll be all right
All right tether out tether out
All right you have my attention rose
All right your turn
All right, boys. Like the Captain said, nice and cheery, so there's no panic.
All right, Rose, listen.
All right! let's stoke her right up! we go full ahead!
All stop
All the trunks from that car there 12 from here and the safe to the parlor suite rooms b 52 54 56
All third class passengers queue here for health inspection
All third class passengers with a forward berth this way please! this queue!
All this will be at the bottom of the Atlantic.
Almost as good as you
Always the same narrow people the same mindless chatter
An accident
An actress there's your first clue sherlock
An endless parade of parties and cotillions yachts and polo matches
An hour two at most
An old claim that was settled under terms of absolute secrecy
And all the while I feel i'm standing in the middle of a crowded room screaming at the top of my lungs and no one even looks up
And almost went over himself.
And also to remind you that you hold a third class ticket and that your presence here is no longer appropriate
And are prepared to go down as gentlemen.
And everybody who knows about the diamond is supposed to be dead or on this boat but she knows
And get me off the hook here
And get to a boat quickly don't wait
And God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes ...
And god shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death
And he put a pistol in his mouth that year or so I read
And he shall dwell with them and they shall be his people and god himself shall be with them and be their god
And here she is willed into solid reality
And here she is, willed into solid reality.
And how is that you have means to travel
And I had no brothers or sisters or close kin in that part of the country so I lit on out of there and I haven't been back since
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and there was no more sea
And I would have gone overboard but mr dawson here saved me and almost went over himself
And i'm telling you water that cold like right down there it hits you like 1000 knives stabbing you all over your body
And i've never spoken of him until now not to anyone not even your grandfather
And lower away!
And lower away! (2)
And my team are able to preserve it intact
And our master shipbuilder mr andrews here designed her from the keel plates up
And over here we have sir cosmo and lucile lady duff gordon
And so they lived happily together for 300 years in the land of tir na nog
And spit like a man
And that he saved me ...
And that makes you my new best friend
And that's a big ass we're talking 20 30000 tons okay
And that's benjamin guggenheim and his mistress madame aubert mrs guggenheim is at home with the children of course
And that's john jacob asto the richest man on the ship
And the dreadful bridesmaids' gowns
And the hull's not designed to deal with that pressure so what happens she splits right down to the keel and the stern falls back level
And the inertia of my life plunging ahead and me powerless to stop it
And these were drawn from life
And they shall be his people ...
And we're out here using robot technology to go further into the wreck ...
And we're out here using robot technology to go further into the wreck than anybody has ever done before
And where exactly do you live mr dawson
And why do you have two steering wheels
And you find that sort of rootless existence appealing do you
And you've insulted me well you deserved it right right
Any more women and children
Any room for a gentleman gentlemen only women at this time sir
Anyone else then anyone else do hurry hurry along
Anyone in here
Anything missing
Anyway I fell through some thin ice
Anyway we don't have any lice
Apparently, it hit over there.
April 14 1912
Are all these for me
Are you all right
Are you of the Boston Dawsons?
Are you out of your mind we're in the middle of the north atlantic
Are you ready to go back to titanic
Are you ready to go back to Titanic?
Are your staterooms all right
As a paying customer I expect to get what I want
As she goes down by the head the water will spill over the tops of the bulkheads at e deck from one to the next back and back
At cherbourg a woman came aboard named margaret brown
At least i'm with you
At least they were cheap
Aye right
B deck get in there get in there
Barry hi
Beyond the jurisdiction of the sherman act so my lawyers will argue
Big irish hands
Bloody hell!
Bloody pull faster! and pull!
Bobby my cigar right here
Bobby we're launching you see these submersibles going in the water
Boiler room six is flooded eight feet and the mail hold is worse
Bring forward the women!
Bring that oar up here
Bring that oar up here
Bring that steam down! bring it down!
Brock the partners would like to know how it's going
Bugger me!
But dawson good of you to come
But hey hey don't worry about it
But I never got it I never let it in
But I think you'll agree my dear that together we've created something of a phoenix from the ashes
But I was with him the whole time this is absurd
But i'm too involved now you jump I jump remember I can't turn away without knowing you'll be all right that's all that I want
But I'm too involved now.
But it was thought by some the deck would look too cluttered so I was overruled
But mr brown had no idea i'd hidden the money in the stove
But my mother looked at him like an insect a dangerous insect which must be squashed quickly
But now you know there was a man named jack dawson and that he saved me in every way that a person can be saved
But the crash of ' 29 hit his interests hard
But the purpose of university is to find a suitable husband rose has already done that
But the ship's too big with too small a rudder doesn't corner worth a damn
But the ship's too big with too small a rudder.
But this ship can't sink she's made of iron I assure you she can and she will
But what a glorious end to your final crossing if we were to get into new york on tuesday night and surprise them all make the morning papers
But what i'm interested in are the untold stories
But with all due respect miss i'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship here
But without will take longer.
But you have to do it like a real cowboy none of that sidesaddle stuff
By the next afternoon we were steaming west from the coast of ireland with nothing out ahead of us but ocean
C q d sir that's right c q d the distress call that's our position
Cable out captain
Cal insists on carting this hideous thing everywhere
Cal stop it was an accident
Calvert rose calvert mrs calvert
Can anybody hear me please hello hello
Can I bum a smoke
Can I get you anything is there anything you'd like
Can I take your name please love
Can we get out
Can you hear me can anybody hear me somebody help me!
Can you shore up not unless the pumps get ahead
Can you show me sure if you like
Can you tell me who the claimant was rose
Can you tell us who the woman in the picture is
Capitan capitan where should I go please
Captain captain sir
Care for a drink sir
Care for a drink, sir?
Care to escort a lady to dinner
Careful with your oars don't hit them
Carpathia says they're making 17 knots
Carry on! don't mind us you're doing a great job! keep up the good work!
Cha ching!
Charmed i'm sure
Check right here rose
Check them
Check them make sure
Chew tobacco like a man
Clear a path here!
Clear the rail please
Clear yes I don't think i've ever seen such a flat calm like a mill pond not a breath of wind
Close the watertight doors
Coffee sir
Colonel are there any boats on that side no miss but there are a couple of boats all the way forward
Come about!
Come back come back
Come back come back!
Come back come back! come back!
Come back! i'm going back up! i'm going back up!
Come josephine in my flying
Come josephine in my flying machine and it's up she goes up she goes
Come josephine in my flying machine going up she goes up she goes
Come lie down
Come on
Come on (2)
Come on (3)
Come on come on come on
Come on come on come on turn
Come on come on come with me
Come on come on give me your hand you don't want to do this
Come on come on! come on! go go!
Come on girls grab an oar let's go
Come on I thought you were fast
Come on i'll show you let's do it i'll show you how
Come on just give me your hand i'll pull you back over
Come on keep swimming come on
Come on lads give it all you got let's go