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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A I need that connect man I need to get these keys man so I can get this money for sonny's ransom fee
A matter of time
A real man handles his business a real man takes care of his family
A you ain't got to be thinking about that man
A'ight (2)
A'ight a'ight
A'ight dog it's all good man a'ight
A'ight here we go
A'ight here we go!
A'ight i'm sayin'
A'ight let's do this I got you
A'ight ****a you clean now
A'ight water a'ight
A'ight well um why don't you keep the change
A'ight where the fuck is the flash at where the fuck is the flash take the fuckin' picture right man
A'ight you hear what the fuck i'm sayin' man now get the fuck off my stoop man
About how much
Ace aceito yeah
Ace just call me ace
Ace make that shot again five thou you can't make it again
Ace what's up man how you doin' good baby
Ace you better say something to me if you wanna stay here 'cause see I ain't doing these type of favors for no
Ah come on man look at you
Ah ****a that's all give me my money
Ah ****a that's off! give me my money
Ahh special
Ahh that's it that's what i'm talking about you hear that that's music that's singing there's beauty in singing that other shit is just talking yak yak yak yak yak yak
Ain't got no soy sauce up there b
Ain't nothin' pumpin' right now b
Ain't that a bitch
Ain't you sick of giving me your money'
All day every day how much you wanna do
All I had left of mitch was his voice in my head saying that he was gonna meet up with rico that night
All i'm sayin' a i'm not everybody b know what I mean
All i'm tryin' to tell you is that with this money your girl'll suck your dick all day
All right all right my ****a
All right baby
All right baby a'ight word most
All right g peace out
All right I need stat portable x rays
All right it's on baby it's on
All right let's bounce baby
All right man i'll see you later
All right now let me see what you working with
All right now who did this to you I did I did
All right oh! I gotta get these clean too!
All right well come around here baby come on the other side of this gate
All right without any further ado we want to bring to the rooftop stage the one the only the world's greatest doug e fresh!
All that for 50
All this for a hundred
And give me them fuckin' keys man
And I was there
And if i'm sayin' look at you though man this is god
And it's definitely about never dressin' like a ****a like you man
And mitch got love from everybody I mean everybody
And ****as need to be gettin' it just like that a in that position right there on video and shit
And rico ain't showin' nobody love
And that's all yours
And that's lookin' very fresh very fresh
And that's what's gonna fuckin' happen to anybody who disrespects you b
And then this other panamanian type of dude I don't even know he had like 10 razors in his ass man
And there ain't a whole lot lucky to do with me getting up and goin' to work right now
And they knew mitch was first in line to get put on when he got out
And tuck in that little butt nobody wants to see that little butt
And you're cool with that
Any ****a that ever looked at me wrong owes me money or ever said any jealous bullshit about me is fuckin' dead
Anybody could do that you think you slick you trying to go between your legs
Anything you need let me know
Anything you need let me know man
Anything you need let me know that's why i'm here b
Are you feeling the joint baby it's that new shit man white ****as ain't even got this
As long as ****as is feeling it a ****a like me can hustle it
As my man mitch would say life is good
Ay oh ay ****as get shot every day b you be a'ight ****a you're tough right
Ay yo check here your man give him a thermometer take his temperature or something man
Back baby you know what i'm sayin' your ****a's back man
Basically you're making it look like we ain't taking care of business in here
Battle physically conquer mentally
Bet it right back but double up right here man
Big shit
Both hands down man put your fuckin' hands down man
Bottle this shit up quick man
Boy just got busted by the cops
Bum ass punk fuckin' bullshit
But 25 to life
But everybody do need to check out that ****a right there 'cause he's gettin' money and pussy
But I need my little man back b I need him back man
But I wasn't trying to keep shit all to myself see
But it's all fake understand what i'm sayin' this life this game there ain't no love in it it don't love you back
But mitch get with me man d c is it man holler at me man
But ****as wanna position theyselves to make other moves
But see man a ****a like me man I love the game I love the hustle man
But that's what the fuck will happen to anybody who disrespect this family man
But the point is I don't fuckin' need him
But um i'm gonna let my man work it
But we need to make the d c thing happen
But yo man we just got to take it easy man that's it
But you ain't no drug dealer i'm not
C o 's not even comin' lettin' the whole shit go down man
Calm yourself eduardo
Calvin must got you ****as shook
Calvin what's goin' on baby
Calvin' what you one of calvin what the fuck is you one of calvin's hoes man
Can I check it out go check it out
Can I get two more g**** sodas
Can I help you
Can't do shit with that cash now except hire a lawyer
Can't keep a good ****a down
Check this girl out!
Chillin' man you know my peoples man y'all met already
Clean him up
Co co co co co
Come here!
Come in! come in you want something to drink a soda
Come on a what you take me for man
Come on ace!
Come on all right all right
Come on baby
Come on baby stop playing man stop playing man
Come on calvin calvin don't do that
Come on dick come on dick
Come on little man you don't need to be up in no club
Come on man
Come on man (2)
Come on man (3)
Come on man anybody could do that
Come on man don't do this
Come on man get in man I ain't takin' no for an answer man
Come on man go on to the room okay go ahead
Come on man I know y'all got something
Come on man let's go be stars up in this joint all right
Come on man open this fuckin' safe
Come on man right here man
Come on man what you want give all this shit up
Come on man you know i'm out here man
Come on man you know me man cleanliness is next to godliness
Come on man you understand
Come on nah the left! the left baby! show me the
Come on where we eatin'
Come on you know me baby
Come on you wanna fuck with me okay
Come on! come on!
Congratulations motherfucker!
Congratulations motherfuckin' father!
Congratulations ****a!
Cops must've been watching his dumb ass
Corny motherfuckers man got the silent routine his boy with him and shit
Could you take some clothes for me please just a few things
Count that cash so we can get up out of here man
Cover up get you some soup some tea
Crazy man
D c d c is it
Damn (2)
Damn (3)
Damn (4)
Damn 2000 bottles that's a lot of motherfuckin' bottles man
Damn b !
Damn man you got the john wayne shit man
Damn this is a big ass rock b
Did I pass the test compre
Did I say I was gonna be there yes okay okay
Did you hear what I just said
Did you see it nah
Didn't I tell you
Do like you did with the rock
Do what they say ace
Do you always return everything you find in the laundry
Do you know what calvin did
Do your job man
Don't be slackin' on that
Don't call me lucky I said
Don't forget to pick up on them y'all
Don't fuckin' come back no more! you understand that
Don't fuckin' walk away from me ****a
Don't have the fuckin' cops coming up in here looking for me man on account of some shit you did you understand shit is hot
Don't insult me here
Don't look me in my motherfuckin' face like that man look away
Don't worry man we gonna get out of here all right
Drop the bag! drop the bag!
Eduardo calm not here man
Eight ****as
Even ray charles could see you got money
Everybody checkin' you checkin' me all flashy and shit that's not my thing
Everybody from the rooftop make some noise!
Everybody's gonna eat everybody gonna get this money everybody can be happy
Everything a'ight everything's cool man
Everything ain't all right man
Everything cool though yeah yeah
Excuse me um
Expand like what
Family movin' up in the business
Fine fuck it then take your ass home
First of all I ain't impressed by that
Five thou you can't make the shot you off right here you off right here man
For all my playa ****as all my ****as gettin' paper
Forget about heroin this is the wave of the future baby
Freeze! put your hands up!
From uptown downtown in town out of town
Fuck a bag man
Fuck all that!
Fuck around be the george jefferson of the ghetto b
Fuck b
Fuck I look invisible ****a
Fuck ice don't be listenin' to ice
Fuck is you deaf man'
Fuck out of here
Fuck the soy sauce man!
Fuck this ****a b turn around move up
Fuck you man i'll get my money man pay me my money man
Fuck you mean what come here dude
Fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck!
Fuckin' asking me why this or why that you think i'm playin'
Fuckin' gun all up in the 007 compartment man damn
Fucking gonna give up all this shit man
Funny ass ****a man
Get away
Get his ass up out of here take his ass home
Get in there man
Get it right!
Get off the block!
Get on over here
Get that ****a out of the car man get that bitch out of the car
Get the fuck out of here! I see you again ice i'm tellin' you I gonna fuckin' kill you
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck up get up
Get the fuck up motherfucker!
Get the fuck up!
Get undressed get the fuck undressed