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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A d u I stop well let me load up my guns a d u I oh shit!
A los angles police department narcotics officer was killed today serving a high risk warrant in echo park
A los angles police department narcotics officer was killed today serving a high risk warrant near lax
A loving touch you know don't worry about it
A man walks out of his house on his way to work sees this snail lying on his porch
A real slickster gave up nothing
Aaahhhh you motherfucker!
Aah! aah! help! help! help! help! aah aah shit
Aah! please!
Ah fuck!
Ah ha lick her license uh what a lick her license was she a dyke a lesbian
Ah ok ok all right all right ha ha ha!
Ah shit
Ah taxation without representation brother nothing is free in this world you lucky first day motherfucker
Ah virgin lungs
Ah you know about this place huh yeah it's the jungle right that's right
Ah you're an adult man shit nobody told you to smoke that you made the decision live with your decision
Ah! I see you
Ahh chingo didn't get shit
Ahh shit! god! aah!
Ahh you're their bitch
All right all right all right
All right all right put your hands on your head
All right all right thanks
All right all right you'll get a medal don't worry about it
All right don't worry about it you're cool just stay cool
All right fine don't
All right fork it over smart man
All right gentlemen thanks for your cooperation
All right gents
All right good good can you sit down in there
All right here's the scenario all right let me quarterback this thing
All right hold on hold the fuck hey hey! hey!
All right how they treating you huh give me a pound all right
All right i'll go back to the valley i'll cut parking tickets you know
All right i'll i'll shoot him go
All right i'll play one hand
All right jeff
All right jesus
All right let me see your hands
All right letty tell me what happened ok don't bullshit me
All right listen it's not what you know it's what you can prove ok here's the scenario
All right man let's just not talk about my wife all right
All right nice nice nice
All right now stay in here be very quiet i'll be right back all right
All right sit down now!
All right so it was a real quiet night boom!
All right spider what's happening what's happening dog alright
All right well it was a quiet night we're rolling on vanowen i'm driving
All right whatever yeah whatever whatever the fuck ever
All right when was the last time you did a felony stop
All right you ready kiss me baby one
All that jelly and no toast
Alonzito! (2)
Alonzo give it to you
Alonzo he's a hothead
Alonzo heard you had an expensive weekend in vegas
Alonzo homes I think he's a low down dirty ruthless vato eh but I like that homes I like that
Alonzo pulled off a miracle eh times are tight scared up a lot of cash
Alonzo there's 2 shots left in that other stinger
Alonzo what are those assholes thinking that i'm really going to stand still and let them horsefuck me
Alonzo's going to have y'all's ass
Alonzo's taking a shit go ahead take a seat
Alright don't shoot nobody
Alright it's like that bone it's like that
Alright there you go that's my ****ah
Alright who you working for
Always good to see you brother yeah yes sir!
Ambulance time
An informant of mine is up in chino I promised i'd take care of his family for him
An lapd spokesperson said officer alonzo harris was survived by his wife and 4 sons the highly decorated officer a 13 year lapd veteran
And finally after oh about a year the little guy crawls back on the porch
And how about the one on your ankle
And i'm belting him in our unit and debbie's tossing his car
And one day the snail up and heads back to the front of the house
And when all this is behind you there's going to be a whole other world that opens up for you
And you all stink! you got to get liquored up to do your business up in here!
And you aren't going to do a damn thing because you aren't going to shoot no cop in the back are you
And you did what you had to do right you did what you had to do that's right
And you like it or what
And you trust him damn right I trust him
Anybody else in there no you sure yeah
Anybody in the house is anybody in the house
Are you serious
Attacking her and I stopped them man!
Aw it's on now jake
Aw you lied to me you lied to me
Babies are supposed to be sleeping
Back to the world dog back to the world
Bad news dog
Bailiffs won't come near him
Believe it or not I do try to do some good in the community
Better learn how to count fucking math whiz
Big boys have you grab your ankles man
Big time homes
Blast his ass homes
Boom (2)
Boom boom boom boom boom boom
Boom shoo get yourself a baseball steak or something
Boom! (2)
Boom! come on man sit your ass up
Boot shot him
Breathe dog
Brother get your ass in here
But his name's still on their list huh
But I am holding no hands you understand I am not baby sitting you got today and today only to show me who and what you're made of
But I don't believe you you tapped that ass didn't you tell the truth you know you tapped that ass you put her in the backseat bam! code x
But if this kind of shit shakes you up maybe you ought to go back to your division you know
But if you're cool if you're cool you're a hero
But if you're in my unit you got to be in it all the way or not at all you understand me
But see here's where the problem comes into play I seen this one I want to see yours
But the snail doesn't die and then after a while it can crawl again
But you do have a decision to make jake because in about 10 seconds this place is going to be overrun with blue suits
But you got to just you know take your time
Buy your wife a minivan with that put the kids through college
Calm down calm down all right are you ok
Calm the fuck down ok just stay in the car
Can we not talk about my family all right
Captain lou jacobs
Captain's riding my ass the entire time
Chasing them monkey strung crackhead motherfuckers anyway!
Check her for weapons
Check that out it's a shitty dime see the small hairs undeveloped seeds all the stems in it see how immature it is
Civil rights violating motherfuckers!
Close your eyes close your eyes
Come on
Come on breathe breathe there you go
Come on come on come on! get your kid and stay down
Come on esse I am going to shoot nobody que no
Come on get your shit together now
Come on homes let me check it out eh
Come on hurry up
Come on in
Come on jake I need the money give me the money jake give me the money please jake give me that money!
Come on kid do me a favor come on
Come on let's wrap this up
Come on man give me a break all right shit!
Come on man we can't do that
Come on man what is it like a 380 stainless
Come on man you know I am no snitch man
Come on my friend huh yeah tell me why because he knows my first name
Come on now who want to get paid who want to get paid
Come on out dog!
Come on raid his ass!
Come on sit down eh play a card game with us
Come on tell the story
Come on wolf! come on dog
Como esta mijo te portas bien si si
Congratulations son you made it you passed the test you're a narc you're in
Congratulations son you're going to get a medal of valor for this
Control your suspect
Cops talk to you today um no no
Could put you out of your misery
Count that shit in the bedroom huh
Crack yeah smell like bacon in this motherfucker
Crime fighter
Cry to the watch commander to give you a nice job lighting flares or measuring car wrecks
Damn i'm thirsty! I want a beer what about you you want a beer
Damn you guys fucked him up eh
Damn! ain't nobody here!
Deal again huh sniper
Detective doug rosselli right here
Didn't find a damn thing i'm very sorry and uh thanks for your cooperation let's go
Didn't know you liked to get wet though
Didn't you say 'suck my dick bitch' don't lie to me that's what you said you keep telling me i'm a liar
Dimitri close your eyes
Dimitri how you doing over there huh you cool you cool come on
Dimitri yeah put your hands up son put them up! put them up!
Do it
Do it eh
Do it eh close the door it's going to be loud
Do you know what you're doing son
Do you want me to call my mom no I don't
Do yourself a favor hit him
Don't be rude esse you're the invited guest
Don't do it
Don't do it don't do it
Don't move
Don't move! spread them out! don't move!
Don't speak unless you're spoken to
Don't sweat it judo we aren't playing for money
Don't touch a thing evidence
Done paul call them up
Drag his ass in the tub
Dreamer get the fuck out of here!
Dreamer get your ass in here!
Driver right side passenger hands on the windshield put them on the windshield!
Drop what's in your hands before zero 5 4 3 2
Esta creciendo papasito creciendo
Everybody just put your guns down
Exactly uh huh
Excuse me come on buddy stop i'm a police officer police officer! stop!
For what
Freeze up! down on the floor! get down motherfucker!
Fuck fuck fuck
Fuck man you know I don't work for nobody i'm on disability man shit!
Fuck me man! shit!
Fuck that man
Fuck their feelings
Fuck this man! give me that beer
Fuck vato up with this huh que no
Fuck yourself alonzo
Fuck! (2)
Fuck! gun!
Fucking ass prick!
Fucking vampires want my pension
Get in it's unlocked
Get me an ambulance!
Get my own division someday
Get the car all right all right
Get the fuck out of my car go back to the valley rookie pooping ass
Get the girls next door
Get your big ass down! right down! down! get down!
Get your ink or go give him a hand
Give me a break ok
Give me a reason
Give me give me give me give me give me hey!
Give me my money back motherfuckers! you ain't no police! you ain't no police!
Give me that bag
Give me that pipe you got down there on the floor too quickly!
Give me that thing i'll smoke it man give it to me you want me to smoke it i'll smoke it
Give me the bitch
Give me the bitch (2)
Give me the money and let me go home come on jake that's right come on jake
Give me them cigarettes too
Glad to hear that just put it in the glove box
Go ahead cowboy you got mad squabbles boy!
Go home right now!
Go on fetch dog