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Hellraiser (1987) Soundboard

Hellraiser (1987) Soundboard

Hellraiser (1987) sound clips and quotes.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah success voila
Ah! no! no!
All right all right
And don't worry this stuff means nothing to me it all goes
And we both want that don't we good
And what's my darling daughter drinking I don't remember
And when i'm feeling better i'll go to the police and try to make them understand
Anything anything
Are you all right
Are you all right back there yeah yeah
Are you all right darling uh huh
Are you all right fine
Back from where
Barely where are you
Bastard! (2)
Believe me it's me it's really me
Besides he's probably behind bars someplace
Boom boom has got him now! boom boom has got him he's knocked down again
Brooklyn certainly wasn't any worse than this
But believe me it's finished with now
But if you cheat us we'll tear your soul apart
But we'll soon warm it up and get it feeling like a home
Bye dad
Call me tomorrow I will i'll see you
Can I come in can I come in
Come here come here damn you I wanna touch you
Come in
Come on and trust me a little okay
Come out come out wherever you are
Come to daddy
Come to daddy (2)
Come to daddy (3)
Come to daddy (4)
Could you not do that please!
Dad (2)
Dad kirsty! hi
Dad this isn't a gesture this is something I need to do
Daddy daddy it's me it's kirsty! let me in! daddy let me in!
Daddy you're okay you're all right sure I am sure I am you're okay! it's okay
Did he hurt you baby no i'm okay
Did you lock this
Do you have a towel have you got a towel
Do you wanna buy a bed not much
Doctors that's right honey
Does it still hurt what oh no only when I drink
Don't don't touch me! don't touch me or so help me i
Don't go up there please
Don't it's okay it's okay
Don't look at me
Don't look at me (2)
Don't start what
Don't want babe to hear
Don't worry about it come on
Don't worry it'll get through all right
Don't you care what I care about is a new skin
Doors to the pleasures of heaven or hell I didn't care which
Every drop of blood you spill puts more flesh on my bones
Excuse me
Excuse me well excuse me!
First things first
First time for everything eh
Forget him
Frank (2)
Get out of here!
Get out you get out of here
Get the fuck off of me!
Give it to me!
Give me the box!
Give those back
Go to hell!
God knows I don't really understand myself
Good night
Good night you'll have to come to us next yeah real soon i'm glad you're back
Got her mother's looks her mother's dead oh
He did i've seen him i've seen him
He escaped you
He says no of course you're not old boy of course you're not
He was insane baby a mad dog
He's alive!
He's better off dead poor frank
He's dead kirsty
He's here well he's been here
He's my father and you can't have him no!
He's obviously made one of his famous getaways
Hello sweetie come here
Help me
Help me!
Here you go oh great
Hey we're not all frigid
Hey you got my arm! all right all right
Hi are you all right
Hi hi just came by to see what you're doing after work
His blood on the floor it brought me back
How long since you were here oh the better part of 10 years
How's things in there looks like a bomb dropped
I beg your pardon
I bet you make your daddy so proud don't you beautiful
I can taste that it's a long time since I tasted anything
I can't bear it! please no!
I don't believe this I don't believe this believe it
I don't know I haven't looked
I don't know it's way beyond me
I don't know maybe we shouldn't have come back
I don't know where to begin
I don't remember
I don't think so she'll want to warn larry first
I don't understand you I mean one minute you're all over me and the next I just don't understand you
I found a room you what I said I found a room
I got through
I guess he needed a hideout or something
I had to put him out of his misery
I have to call my father
I I came for the wedding
I I can I can lead you to him and you can take him back instead of me
I I get lonely sometimes everybody does
I it's important it really is
I just wanted to make sure you were okay never better
I left her here safe and sound I even locked the door
I love you sweetie I love you too daddy bye
I mean there's stuff in the kitchen you wouldn't believe
I must get away from here
I need take the weight away from me my foot's caught you got it I got it
I need to see him no you don't yes I do yes
I need to talk to you yeah of course
I said don't look
I said no
I suppose it's better than brooklyn
I think we ought to be making a move too
I thought half of it was your brother's
I thought i'd gone to the limits I hadn't
I thought maybe well if we're both on our own maybe we could have a drink together
I thought this kind of stuff made you sick i've seen worse
I used to tell myself that
I want to hear him confess himself then maybe maybe
I want to see somebody in charge
I wanted to sell it after the old lady died but I couldn't get frank to agree
I was so afraid that something happened to you I know I know
I wish it were that simple
I won't be a moment
I'd really like you to see this house it's something else
I'll be down in a minute
I'll get the doctor
I'll give you the grand tour if we ever get this goddamn bed moved
I'll start looking for her
I'm all right honey
I'm feeling sick
I'm frank i'm brother frank
I'm going to freeze to death
I'm going to live and you're going to help me yes yes
I'm gonna throw up
I'm here you're safe
I'm hurting hurting
I'm sorry
I'm sorry i'm new here you're gonna have to wait
I'm sorry of course
I'm very happy i'm sure you are
I've always preferred the floor
I've got a real problem here kiddo
I've never known him to kick cash out of bed
In the meantime maybe this will jog your memory
Is julia here she's upstairs
Is that your daughter uh huh
It was a mistake! I didn't I didn't mean to open it! it was a mistake!
It's best you see for yourself
It's coming right up
It's frank you remember it's uncle frank
It's gotta be one of these
It's just a puzzle box! oh no it is a means to summon us
It's just that I hate the thunder
It's like she's waiting for something what I don't know
It's never enough
It's nothing personal baby
It's okay baby julia told me everything
It's only a matter of time before they find i've slipped them
It's probably a rat I told you there's nothing to be afraid of
It's what you brought me here for isn't it
Jesus christ
Jesus christ!
Jesus wept
Jesus what a scene
Julia are you all right
Julia come out come out wherever you are
Julia I was calling for you didn't you hear are you in there
Julia jul
Julia julia
Just a moment
Just help me will you please god help me!
Just one minute too much drink empty the old bladder
Just take it easy take it easy it's going to be all right
Keep your voice down
Kirsty (2)
Kirsty (3)
Kirsty (4)
Kirsty come to daddy
Kirsty I thought i'd lost you no i'm here
Kirsty it's frank it's uncle frank
Kirsty it's very late
Kirsty kirsty kirsty!
Kirsty! kirsty!
Larry it was nothing larry!
Larry please!
Larry! larry!
Let me see
Let me see no don't touch it! it's dangerous it opens doors
Let's get the hell out of here! now!
Let's get you to the hospital
Let's go come on let's go
Let's go downstairs i'll make it better
Let's go upstairs
Let's take five guys
Like love only real
Listen julia you want some more bubbly
Listen look out for the molding on the way through here all right all right
Look be gentle with her okay
Look could you would you stop by sometime
Look I really should check it out
Look we can make it work here
Look will you drive he needs stitches yeah sure
Look you love her so there must be something worth loving
Loveliest woman i've ever seen
Maybe in the next couple of days I gotta find myself a job
Maybe she's gone back to to her father's house
Maybe we should just leave like this look at me
My brother will be home soon
My lucky day hi