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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A ladder
A ladder. Follow me.
A what
Abandon ship
Ah ah well yes now
Ah here we are then
Ah nuts
Ah sarah you're home we were worried about you
Ah this is what we need
Ah what have we here
Ah yes up you go up up
Ah, this is what we need.
Ah! don't pay any attention to them they're just false alarms you get a lot of them in the labyrinth especially when you're on the right track
Ah! now that's more like it
Ain't got no clothes to worry about
Ain't got no real estate or jewelry or gold mines to hang me up
Ain't got no suitcase
All right answer yes or no
All right charge!
All right come on merlin come on
All right okay okay! all right all right!
All right then I can conquer this mountain
All right then throw down your weapons and i'll see that you're well treated
All together now
Ambrosious, can we please talk about this?
Ambrosious, if you don't turn around this second...
Ambrosious, stand still
Ambrosious, will you come here?
Ambrosius be quiet now
Ambrosius it's all right ambrosius
Ambrosius turn around ambrosius turn about
Ambrosius unlock this door
Ambrosius will you come here ambrosius come here right now!
Ambrosius you coward
And damn me too
And don't say I didn't warn you
And here's dear old flopsy you'll want her right there you go
And I commend you rarely have I seen such courage you are a valiant man
And I should warn you that one of us always tells the truth and one of us always lies
And if she ever kisses you i'll turn you into a prince
And it so happens that I know a shortcut out of the whole labyrinth from here
And left my baby blue
And left my baby blue
And look at this! you got a printing game you have
And my kingdom as great
And my sense of smell is keen
And now you don't
And remember fair maiden should you need us yes should you need us for any reason at all
And see if there's anything else..
And so the girl suffered in silence until one night when she was tired from a day of housework and she was hurt by the harsh words of her stepmother and she could no longer stand it
And the baby was a spoiled child and he wanted everything for himself and the young girl was practically a slave
And the other one leads to ba ba ba bum certain death
And what can I do for you
And what can I do for you?
And who is this
And you sarah
And you wouldn't be so brave if you'd ever smelled the bog of eternal stench
Are you all right
Are you all right ludo
Are you my friend or not
Are you okay?
As the pain sweeps through
As the pain sweeps through makes no sense for you
As the pain sweeps through makes no sense for you (2)
Ay will you listen to this crap
Bad hep with the fire gang
Bad hep with the fire gang (2)
Bad luck
Bang heads!
Be careful ludo
Be careful okay through here
Be careful, Ludo.
Be quiet!
Because you are
Before this day never have I met my match in battle
Better to stay in here dear yes
Beware beware
Beware for
Beware. Beware
Bombs away!
Broom closet
But don't go that way
But down in the underground
But I could be telling the truth
But I didn't mean it
But I have to have my brother back
But I live by my sense of smell
But I'll be there for you
But i'll be there for you as the world falls down
But i'll be there for you as the world falls down (2)
But i'm not a coward
But it gets a lot worse from here on in
But it's pouring
But no not after my warnings that would be stupid oh you bet it would!
But of course for thee anything
But should you need us yes should you need us
But the girl knew that the king of the goblins would keep the baby in his castle forever and ever and ever and turn it into a goblin
But the worst thing is if you so much as put a foot in the bog of stench
But them's my jewels! you give them back! give them back give those back give those back to me!
But then he would be lying
But then you wouldn't be
But there aren't any turns or any openings or anything it just goes on and on
But there isn't an opening
But they do
But this is not a gift for an ordinary girl who takes care of a screaming baby
But what no one knew was that the king of the goblins had fallen in love with the girl and he had given her certain powers
But you just said ludo is your brother
Can we please talk about this
Cannon fire!
Canst thou summon up the very rocks
Careful ludo
Charlie bear right there's charlie bear for you
Charlie Bear. Right. There's Charlie Bear for you.
Chilly down with the fire gang
Chilly down with the fire gang (2)
Chilly down with the fire gang (3)
Come back little lady play the game
Come come come hogbrain
Come here at once
Come in here...
Come inside and have a nice cup of tea
Come inside meet the missus
Come let us be brothers henceforth and fight for the right as one!
Come on ambrosius just close your eyes and go
Come on come on we haven't got all day
Come on come on!
Come on good boy come on
Come on I want to knock uh uh
Come on let us get across
Come on ludo
Come on ludo (2)
Come on move move!
Come on! come on!
Come on! faster!
Company halt
Cor! if she had kept on going down that way she'd have gone straight to that castle
Cozy isn't it
Crying hard as babe could cry
Daddy, Daddy, get me out of here
Damn I can never remember that line
Damn oh I can never remember that line
Dance magic dance dance magic dance
Did not am not
Did she say it
Did you say hello
Didymus! where's didymus
Do what you mean rescue you
Do you
Do you hear something
Do you know where the door to the labyrinth is
Do you still want to look for him
Do you want it
Doesn't want his ring back in his mouth eh can't say I blame him
Don't defy me
Don't go on go back while you still can
Don't got no problems
Don't kiss me! don't kiss me! no no no!
Don't matter
Don't pretend to be so hard
Don't talk nonsense it's all here everything in the world you've ever cared about is all right here
Don't talk with your mouth full
Don't worry I think we've got them surrounded
Don't you dare! them's mine
Don't you want me to help you down
Don't you want to look like us
Down this way
Down's up
Drop the ax!
Every thrill is gone wasn't too much fun at all
Every thrill is gone wasn't too much fun at all (2)
Everything i've done i've done for you
Everything! everything that you wanted I have done
Everything's dancing
Ew ugh
Excuse me
Excuse me but I have to get through this labyrinth can you help me
Excuse me please but can you help me
Excuse us thank you
Fair maiden thank goodness thou art safe at last
Falling down
Falling in love
Fear not fair maiden I will save thee somehow
Fifty eight
Fifty nine
Fifty seven! heh heh
Fire! (2)
Follow me
For my will is as strong as yours and my
For my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom is as great
For my will is as strong as yours my kingdom as great
For the path you will take will lead to certain destruction
Forget about the baby
Forward steady steady boy
Forward. Steady, boy.
Friend I like that I ain't never been no one's friend before
Game's almost over
Generous what have you done that's generous
Get out of my house!
Get out of my house!
Get out of there
Get out of there hoggle!
Get out!
Get through the labyrinth get through the labyrinth
Give her this
Give me back this! go on get off me
Give me back this! Go on, get off me.
Give me the child
Give me the child (2)
Give me what
Give me what?
Go on go on then
Go on into the garage
Goblin king goblin king wherever you may be take this child of mine far away from me!
Good boy come on
Good boy. Come on.
Good come on
Good grief!
Good grief!
Goodbye sarah
Grab it!
Gracias senorita
Ha ha ha! what did you expect fairies to do
Ha ha of course there is
Ha ha! well laugh
Ha! join the club