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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A big family must be fun I imagine it makes you feel you belong to something oh it does maybe that's why I feel kind of lost right now
A great silence fell over half of europe as all communication was disrupted
A mob attacked us we don't know what happened to the rest
A plane will pinpoint the target for the drop from six miles up
A stream of flight rose swiftly to a torrent
A strong light shocks them they're not accustomed to it
According to information from foreign sources they're working to some kind of a plan
After all that men could do had failed the martians were destroyed and humanity was saved by the littlest things which god in his wisdom had put upon this earth
After it stopped all that loose earth and stuff shook down over it
All about it!
All about the martian invasion! they're in new york and miama!
All command posts stand by to fire
All I know is they say it's as big as a house and practically red hot
All major highways have been marked to lead you to shelter and welfare centers in the hills
All over the world their machines began to stop and fall
All radio is dead
All right come over here and give us a hand!
All right fellas the general will see you now
All right folks let me through let me through
All right i've seen enough
All right on the double get me back to sixth army headquarters hurry up!
All that sand will keep the heat in for a long time
All we've seen is the heat ray they use
Allemande left and the ladies star gents walk around but not too far
Allemande left and the ladies star gents walk around but not too far (2)
Almighty and most merciful father we have erred and strayed from thy ways like lost sheep
Almost cold now ain't it
And I will dwell in the house of the lord forever
And now fought with the terrible weapons of super science menacing all mankind and every creature on earth comes the war of the worlds
And there it comes again!
And this the blood of a martian
And we have done those things which we ought not to have done
And where are we southwest of corona somewhere
And you want to know what I was thinking
Any candles around
Any news from abroad
Anybody get a look at the martians yet
Anyone have a flashlight
Anything from them yet
Apparently they're coming down all over
Are they sure it's a meteor it didn't come down like one
Are you all right
As martians swept northward toward london the british cabinet stayed in session coordinating every item of information that could be gathered passing it on to the united nations in new york
As more of their cylinders came from the mysterious depths of space their war machines awesome in their power and complexity created a wave of fear which swept into all corners of the world
As the martians burnt fields and forests and great cities fell before them huge populations were driven from their homes
Ask him he's back at pacific tech
At least that's what I think I don't really know
At night temperatures drop far below zero even at its equator
Attention all batteries prepare for volley fire repeat prepare for volley fire
Attention please four minutes to bomb time
Attention please two minutes to bomb time prepare to take shelter
Attention stand by
Azimuth reading 160 degrees 30 minutes
Be careful buck yeah watch it buck easy buck man
Beings from another world
Better than a lion farm or a snake pit we won't have to feed it
Big i'll bet it's as big as anything that ever lit in california
Bilderbeck has calculated how long we have got until martians take over the entire world
Boy is that something! let's go see!
Boy that had me scared
Boy that's big!
Boy you could fry eggs on that thing!
Brazil checking
Bring that hose over here
But colonel shooting's no good it's always been a good persuader
But I think I know where she'll be
But i'm happy to meet you anyway
But it's a whale of a size
But its temperature is close to 270 degrees below zero and ice lies 15000 miles deep on its surface
But the ranger said a scientist is coming from pacific tech
But there are observers down in the valley in a forward bunker
But they seem to murder everything that moves
But you'll get first crack at them
But you're not going to you're not the kind
Call victorville tell them I want the fastest plane they've got
Can't get near enough to see it very well it's too hot
Can't we get out of here
Can't you fools
Carbon canyon
Checking dover blanked out
Clayton forrester ever hear of him
Clear the way
Colonel heffner's in charge
Come on
Come on break it up
Come on come on it's your last chance to get out of here
Come on come on keep going keep going keep moving
Come on jump in will you
Come on out we're friends that's right we welcome you we're friends yeah
Company tactical net out of action
Cut across their lines of magnetic force and any object will simply cease to exist
Cylinder reported down by huntington beach
D o to number three come in
Darnedest thing I ever saw the way that's unscrewing
Deliver us from the fear which has come upon us from the evil that grows ever nearer from the terror that soon will knock upon the very door of this thy house
Did it do you any good
Did that mob grab the trucks ahead of me
Did you see it come down yes I was fishing up in the hills
Did you watch it come down I seen it from our window
Direct cable communication is being maintained with washington but there's no radio at all
Do you have a pin
Do you have a pocket compass yeah
Do you see anything outside
Don't fool around with something when you don't know what it is
Don't go son stay with us
Don't you live at home no on the campus
Dr forrester believes they generate atomic force without the heavy screening we use
Dr forrester get out of here!
Dr forrester says they're some kind of advanced civilization
Duprey bilderbeck are you
Eighty west by 38 north
Electronic eye like a television camera it's looking for us
Every effort against the tremendous power of their other world antagonists ended in the same frantic rout
Everybody listen carefully the martians are coming this way we must evacuate the city take food and water and extra clothing with you
Everybody out of here! everybody
Everybody out of here! everybody out!
Everybody understands when you wave the white flag you want to be friends
Everything human doesn't have to look like you and me
Everywhere all around the world people have been driven from their homes
Evidently there's a shift in their spectrum
Excuse me
Excuse me gentlemen
Feels pretty darn hot!
Fifteen seconds
Fifty seconds
Fighting outside los angeles!
Finally found an abandoned truck
First and third you balance and swing promenade the outside ring
First thing you get there arrange for the pacific tech scientists to monitor the drop
Flying wing this is the tower clear for take off over
Forlorn hope but there is a chance
Forrester everybody's been looking for you
Forrester's the man behind the new atomic engines
Forty eight north two west
Forty seconds
From there the news was forwarded to washington because here was the only remaining unassailed strategic point
From what's coming through nobody's stopped them yet
Future history he said yes if any
General mann
General mann I was told to expect you sir i'm colonel heffner
General mann is in charge of intelligence for the pacific area
General we heard that dr clayton forrester was out there with you
Get down!
Get in back of hill three repeat hill three
Get moving on the double
Get off buster!
Get over! butt out!
Get those 30s over here
Good to see you general
Gratzman did you get those biotics no I thought you had them
Half tracks okay
Happens every 18 20 years they say
Harold harold look here a minute and step over to your left just a little and hold it smile
Have some well I might just do that
He liked you
He'll tell us
He's flying high so it'll take a few seconds to come down
He's nuts come on jump in
He's top man in astro and nuclear physics he knows all about meteors
Hello tower this is air force flying wing ready for takeoff over
Hello! hello hello there what can you see
Here comes another truck!
Here I i've got an old sugar sack in my car
Here this way the stairway up to the attic
Here we are in
Here we are right between them
Here's an instance
Here's that los angeles picture sir
Hey grab this!
Hey it's moving!
Hey let's go find it
Hey look look all the lights in town have gone out
Hey that looks good
Hey that needle isn't pointing north
Hey the phone's gone dead!
Hey there open up
Hey there open up (2)
Hey you better get out of here!
Hey you!
Hey! the lights!
Hey! they cut me off! they got my truck!
Hi sir
Hold 'em as long as you can right sir
Hold it right there general please
Hold it! hold it a minute!
How about that
How could it happen to everybody's watch all together
How do you do general would you care for some coffee
How do you do sir
How long was I out hours
How they gonna understand us we'll talk in sign language they'll understand us all right sure sure
How would I know
Hup! as you were
Hurry up! jump in!
I can fly bilderbeck down in your plane
I couldn't see much in the dark but it was one
I didn't know how to stop you
I don't know any more than you do joe
I don't know anything about other trucks
I don't remember ever seeing blood crystals as anemic as these
I don't understand why a meteor that size didn't make a bigger crater
I feel like I did one time when I was small awful scared and lonesome
I got a message for you
I guess most of it's buried
I have no close folks my parents died when I was a kid
I haven't any family I come from a big one there's nine of us all in minnesota except me
I haven't seen you since oak ridge
I I got I got knocked under our truck duprey pulled me out
I just came to tell you everyone has been alerted
I know we've walked halfway from corona
I know you sent word to the sixth army command
I launched high level bombers dropped everything they can carry
I liked him
I read someplace mars is near the earth right now
I stayed right by that door praying for the one who loved me best to come and find me
I suppose they've neutralized all communications here not all sir radio's out but our field phones are okay so far
I teach library science over at usc
I think i'll wait around until it cools off
I think somebody ought to check on it over
I think that gizmo is a machine from another planet
I think they're scientists
I think we should put up a few picnic tables no no then they'd bring their own lunches
I think we should try to make them understand we mean them no harm
I thought you might be interested
I want to know if the city must be evacuated
I want your battery here