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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A french poodle
A girl like that is always looking for the bbd the bigger better deal
A good Iawyer and a deaI..
A metaphor not to be taken literally
A party favor.
A tommy gun
A Tommy gun
A young woman riding bareback.
Ah come on lieutenant it's not all your fault something will turn up
Ah jeez
Ah looks like it's going to be a long night my wife's gonna kill me
Alright I confess I did it you hear and i'm glad glad I tell you!
Alright i'll prove it to you but I am not responsible for the consequences
Alright i'll take it but I am very angry!
Alright mr ipkiss go as yourself and as the mask because they are both one and the same beautiful person
Alright mrs peenman!
And as The Mask
And everything
And I am a IittIe thorny.
And i'll teach you to chick chicky boom chick chicky boom chick chicky boom
And if you're somebody like dorian
And last but not least my favourite
And more heart...
And now we present to you the most beautiful flower of the congo bongo miss tina carlyle
And one of 'em was wearing a big green mask
And one was wearing a big, green mask
And they swing
And this whole city is our playground
And when they dancin' they bring a happy ring without a care o singing a song all the day long
And you know it's important to go out with a big bang
Anybody who's anybody will be there
Are you okay me i'm great really good I just never felt better really i'm just catching some air out here
Are you okay?
Are you on the list no but I believe my friends are perhaps you know them franklin grant and jackson
Aren't you due back at the laboratory to get your bolts tightened
As a matter of fact I do cubbie!
As a matter of fact, I do, Cubbie!
As I was saying about that tie kinda reminds me of one of those what do you call it ink blot tests a rorschach test right
Baby there you are I was beginning to get all worried about you
Back off monkey boy before I tell your daddy you're running this place like it's your own personal piggy bank
Bazooka I have a permit for that
Because dear peggy pays dick i'm starving to death
BeIieve this?
Believe this you drive in in a porsche
Bet you heIped him with the bank job.
Better call that high priced lawyer of yours tyrel you and I are going downtown for a little chat
Bike horn
Blow it!
Bobby eh charlie charlie!
Boss you better be careful huh
Bowling pin
Boy that doesn't sound good at all no it doesn't sound good what would sound good to you breakfast
Boy you really narrowed it down
Boys I want you to pick her out something pretty to wear okay
Bright colours it's a power tie supposed to make you feel powerful
Bring him up here!
Buddy you know what you need you need a little change of pace
But all I wanted was a kiss a kiss just one last kiss
But I am not responsibIe for the consequences.
But I am very angry!
But I ordered onion rings doyle!
But my friends are on the inside
But we need some cash so first we take the bank then we take niko and then my friend school is out
But you can pull this off right hey you talking to the doctor
But your book!
Can you heIp me?
Can you help me
Can't make the scene if you don't have the green
Can't make the scene if you don't have the green.
Carry the 9 divide by the gross national product
Cd's savings and cd's checking and cd's savings checking and cd's t bills
Charlie i
Charlie isn't stanley the nicest guy the best
Charlie stanley gals I want you to meet my buddy stanley ipkiss
Cigarette no
Club's closed move it! you think i'm joking come on move it!
Come on
Come on (2)
Come on (3)
Come on gals let's get going
Come on get these rubbernecks out of here
Come on i'm really very sorry about this i'm sure
Come on milo jump please do it for daddy
Come on, MiIo. Give them to me. Drop it.
Come on!
Come on! (2)
Come on! come on! milo!
Come on! serve and protect man!
Come on.
Cops got your pal ipkiss taken at landfill park
Could I have just one more minute
Could you guys keep it down back there no problem
Could you hold this for me please
Couple of your boys were spotted knocking over edge city bank
Cuff him
Daddy's gonna have to go kick some ass
Dance and I'II bIow your brains out.
Deep into the darkest heart of the urban jungIe.
Did it look like I had much of a choice
Did you have a pickle relish
Did you miss me
Do I go as myseIf...
Do it
Do you have any idea what time it is actually no
Do you have any idea what time it is?
Do you know how hard it is to find a decent man in this town most of 'em think monogamy is some kind of wood
Do you think you could have him meet me tonight I might be able to work something out
Does it work
Don't be an idiot you're in the middle of a police station there is no way you're walking out of here like this
Don't get your panties in a twist.
Don't insult my intelligence ipkiss
Don't worry tina it's all over now
Dorian I can't shut this thing off
Dorian! dorian wait! no!
Down! get down! come on come on! come on! line 'em up over here
Doyle! (2)
Drop it
Drop it ipkiss
Drop it tyrel!
Easy boy!
Easy ipkiss
Easy you're giving me a woody
Eddy who did this man who
Eesay ouyay aterlay
Even a hopeIess one
Every Iow Iife in this town. Understand?
Everything is his grift he owns you he owns this club he owns this whole stinking town
Everything is his grift.
Excuse me where can I open a new account new accounts right here
Find yourself a new place to live
For a man so true
For being any kind of romantic even a hopeless one
For being any kind of romantic..
For being the only guy who treated me like a person and not some sort of party favour
For Friday night?
For my first trick i'd like to do something for you son
For one Iast kiss
For you son a little body english
Forget her that girl will tear out your heart put it in a blender and hit frappe
FortunateIy, funeraI bouquets are deductibIe.
Fortunately funeral bouquets are deductible
From the real dorian the one I used to love
FuII of spice
Funny eyeball glasses
Gee I wish my daddy owned a bank then I could be a rich little creep too
Gee, baby, ain't I good to you
Gee, baby, ain't I good to you
Geez I figured you had a sense of humor after all you married her!
Genius that was genius buddy I have chills
Get her something pretty to wear
Get him out of here
Get him up! come on! let's go! I got a cell for you pal
Get him!
Get it!
Get off! get him off of me!
Get out of my sight
Get real man
Get that doc here my buddy suck on that
Get the bank employee files and run down the prints on a guy named ipkiss stanley ipkiss
Get up get up here that's it you can do it come on come on!
Get up. Come on
Get your dog away from me
Give her the money
Give her the money.
Give it give it give me the keys give me the keys come on come on drop it drop it drop it!
Give me that gun
Give me that thing
Go on get in the car
Go with your friend.
God I can't believe it
God I wish I knew the truth you know I really do no
God! what side of whose bed did you wake up on man
Going away aIone, baby?
Good boy good boy
Good boy good boy come on milo give them to me drop it!
Good boy!
Good doggie good doggie
Good to see you.
Gosh peg do you really mean that actually no
Got another one coming down mike
Got the cross check on the fingerprints for you it's ipkiss alright
Got you
Halt or i'll shoot!
Hang on a sec
Hang on hang on! don't get your panties in a twist would ya
Hang on, hang on!
He beat them to the punch.
He robs the bank you work in then I find this in the coco bongo
He stole all our jewellery take me down to headquarters
He'II be at the charity baII tonight
He's a dead man
He's a modest guy
He's a really modest guy although he's the hottest guy in havana in havana
He's down the alley follow me come on grab your gun
He's going to the charity ball tonight he's gonna do something terrible like what the lambada
He's the only one who's napping and i'm about to give him a serious wake up call
Hello cherie we meet again! is it fate is it meant to be it is written in the stars that we are destined to fraternize i'd like to think so
Hello dorian
Hello stanley
Hello there may I be of some assistance
Hello! hello!
Here's my card if you remember anything unusual about last night anything at all call me
Hey boss look who decided to crash the party
Hey bub watch where you're going!
Hey burt what the hell is it
Hey charlie how you doing how are you how are you doing my friend long time no see
Hey come on now guys now this isn't fair
Hey did you check the morning paper your girlfriend got a great review
Hey get out of the road!
Hey good to see you okay then
Hey kellaway
Hey lieutenant where are you taking ipkiss
Hey lieutenant! we got a stiff upstairs it's one of the guys from the heist
Hey mister you got the time
Hey orlando
Hey stanley stanley stanley!
Hey wait that dog! mayor tilton did you see that dog
Hey what do you say we get in this joint huh
Hey you milo!
Hey you with the face you got a visitor
Hey you! what are you doing down there
Hey, Mister!
Hey! don't you have respect for law and order what kind of thug are you
Hey! hey mister! hold on! I know cpr!
Hey! watch it i'm a bleeder