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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A cop that doesn't need to eat or sleep a cop with superior firepower and the reflexes to use it
A little piece of advice you see an agent you do what we do run you run your ass off
Ask any cop he'll tell you if you can't stand the heat you better stay out of the kitchen
But they didn't get my mind right not with no stick no sir
Do you want to continue this theological discussion in a car or in a jailhouse with the cops
Get Out of Here
Get Out of the Car! #cops #taser #step out of the vehicle
Growing up in the 'hood we were used to getting sweated by the cops I mean they would follow us in the car then turn away stop us for no reason and question us especially with a car like mine
How do I know you're the last cop i'm gonna have to grease
How long you been a pig i'm my bad my bad I meant I meant I meant a police officer that's what I meant
I have no clue #no clue
I hope there's still a good cop in me somewhere
I push one button and 30 agents will be here before you have time to scratch your worthless balls
I shot a kid he was 13 years old it was dark I couldn't see him he had a ray gun it looked real enough
I wish I was a kindergarten teacher but i'm not i'm a cop that's all I know how to be
I'm a cop you idiot!
I'm confused myself never have seen so many cops what goes on
I’ll get you, Bitch! #ill get you bitch #marked man #target on your back #bounty hunter #threat
If you get stopped by a cop in amsterdam it's illegal for them to search you
In the summer when they played cards all night nobody ever called the cops
In vegas I had to keep a few juiced in local cowboys working
It was personal what's the matter a cop can't be human he can't be like other people
It's all right sir a commanding officer doesn't need brains just a good loud voice huh
Just as I thought your good cop side's making you soft bad cop
Ma why'd you have to shoot him he's a fed
Monster Drink #worst liar ever #i had a monster drink about an hour ago #drunk driving #dui
Oh i'm about half ready to call a cop
Police lights #police siren #red blue #cops #arrest #arrested #subpoena #indict #impeach #nicked #old bill #the fuzz #jail #gaol #going to jail #prison
The more questions that cop asked the more I thought I wasn't gonna never see daylight again
This cop kept looking wondering what somebody looks like me dressed in state issue was doing driving a shiny new buggy
Was y'all fags in high school or did y'all wait until you got on the police force
We ran everything we paid off cops we paid off lawyers we paid off judges
We're gonna straighten you out
Wearin' that badge don't make you right who the hell you think you are
What is drugs?? #drugs #what is drugs #big eyes #cops
Where does it say that you can't kill a cop
Whoa hold it I just passed another kojak with a kodak
Yeah I called him and I gave him the number of fake ass dealers who turned out to be the feds
Yeah real simple except that every cop in the city is looking to bust our heads
You a long way from starbucks homey
You know cops tend to notice shit like you're driving a car drenched in fuckin' blood
You know when you're a rookie they can teach you everything about being a cop except how to live with a mistake
You see I got this problem cops don't like me so I don't like cops
You won't hurt me oh yeah why not because you're a policeman there are rules for policemen
You're no prize who cares about a cop