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Allah forbid you should have any daughters
Do you know what she did your cunting daughter
He's as tame as a kitten outside of the range of my daughter's influence it's still a deadly wild beast
I got a blueberry for a daughter
I want my daughter mister a lot of daughters are in there including my own
Listen to me my daughter has been kidnapped he's the only chance i've got of finding her if he sees me or I lose him he'll kill her
Look your daughter doesn't say she's a demon she says she's the devil himself
Of course you must make allowances for my daughter gentlemen she's never known any human being except her father
Only thing you ever done with your life is make a hot daughter that's it that is it!
The problem with your daughter is not her bed it's her brain
Wait till you see the beautiful wedding cake I made for your daughter!
You haven't got enough money to buy my daughter off