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All right here we go hold your ears folks! it's show time!
And at point guard standing 3 foot 3 4 feet if you include the ears
Don't hurt my sore ear again
Get that finger out of your ear you don't know where that finger's been
How ya feelin' kid you don't look so bad to me you look strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark
I listened but then I had a small piece of fluff in my ear could you say it again please
I'm a trifle deaf in this ear speak a little louder next time
I'm sorry do you mind runnin' that by me again I must have had a chunk of brimstone wedged in my ear or something
If I drink another glass of lemonade it's gonna run out of my ears
It's on! it's on! there's no sound play with the rabbit ears
My ear is open if you care to use it
Some say that the path from inner turmoil begins with a friendly ear
That's my trick ear joe it sounded like you said no charge that's right
The nose is not enough long the ears are too small only has one eye
We got rules here in order to learn them you gotta do more work with your ears than with your mouth
You could fly to guam with those
You're hurting my sore ear