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Come on penguin time to rip off your false feathers
Even after we'd catch them they'd try sneaking back with beards and wigs and fake noses
Fake! racketeer! liar! cheat! impostor! why don't you jump
He bought his fucking button! that fake old tough guy! you bought your fucking button! you fake tough guy!
He's a fake!
He's a fake! he's a fake!
How could he be a fake must be some kind of a gag a what a gag!
I accuse this man of being a faker
I don't think he was any fake not with that face and anyway what he stood for wasn't a fake
I guess you don't have to be somebody no more I guess you can just front like you somebody you ain't
I know you're awake you little faker
John doe's a fake! boo!
Now there's a new game us old players are gone but you can see our story on music videos with prop guns and fake champagne
Now you see he admits it you're a fake john doe
Sure sure i'd like to believe in fairy tales but a guy that's a fake isn't gonna jump off any roof
They were fake of course they were fake!
They're fake they're bogus they're phony
This thing's bigger than whether i'm a fake
Why you big fraud! you four flusher! i'm fed up!
Yeah I called him and I gave him the number of fake ass dealers who turned out to be the feds
You're a fake and a phony and I wish i'd never laid eyes on you
You're a fake and I can prove it
You're a fake i'm a fake yes how'd you like to be dead huh fake
You're the fake we believe in what we're doing