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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A pity they let the old punishments die there was a time detention would find you hanging by your thumbs in the dungeons
And just about the time that i'm comin' out of jail hopefully you'll be comin' out of your coma and guess what i'll split your fuckin' head open again
And now into the deep woods or it's the zoo for you know who
Boy let me tell you something you know them chains ain't medals you get them for making mistakes
Do you realize what this means it means bankruptcy and scandal and prison! that's what it means
Do you want to continue this theological discussion in a car or in a jailhouse with the cops
I don't like to see anybody in jail you can understand that can't you
If I get a good lawyer and strike up a deal I can be out of here in about 10000 years
Inside outside all them rules and regulations and bosses
Josh laughing from outside of the cell
Let me tell you something nobody goes to jail unless they want to unless they make themselves get caught they don't have things organized
Morning friend where's the jailhouse in this town right up the street you can't miss it glad to hear that
Now take me to jail
Now there's nothing like driving to avoid jail
One of us is going to jail well it's not going to be me
Shoe program ****ah! 23 hour lock down!
Shut up you're going to jail
So what's it gonna be fear or prison
That rum head spent 20 years in jail for poisoning a kid
The judge gave jimmy and me 10 years like he was giving away candy
They'll put those bums away for 50 years not good enough they put her away for an eternity
Try and hurt me now!
We all know how this ends with you behind bars
We're in here digging and dying he's out there living and flying
Well then we're just gonna lay low and build time
Yes joey just loves being in his playpen
You can take me to jail now oh no no no I was thinking more like the morgue you're dead!
You gonna get used to wearing them chains after a while but you never stop listening to them clinking
You know when you think of prison you get pictures in your mind of all those old movies with rows and rows of guys behind bars but it wasn't like that for wiseguys
You know who goes to jail ****** stickup men that's who you know why they get caught because they fall asleep in the getaway car karen
You may have to pay some back taxes a big fine but there will be no prison okay
You think you can come into my house with your hotshot clothes and your jail manners and make fun of us
'cause i'm fuckin' stupid I don't give a fuck about jail that's my business that's what I do
(cop laughing) bye bye dickhead see you in attica dick