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Best of all for the first time in my life I figured out a way not to lose
Crazy I mean like so many positive waves maybe we can't lose you're on
Hey i'll tell you what if they defeat me i'll eat those words ok huh
I can't believe it i'm losing to a rug
I'm not listening to you you only believe in science that's probably why we never win
It helps if you think of it as a game bob every game has a winner and a loser
It's beginning to look like you got things fixed so I can't never win out
Monsieur bobby by defeating me today you have set me free and for that I thank you
No no calm down learn to enjoy losing
Oh of course he's losing
There's a benefit to losing you get to learn from your mistakes
They wiped us out man! we didn't have a chance!
We been kicking other people's asses for so long I figure it's time we got ours kicked
We never win because you are fat
What do we do now we're quitting right
What happened today is just the beginning we're gonna lose this war
Whose side are you on the losing side thank you
You guys gotta stop losing get the power play together
You must be careful your confidence is disproportional to your abilities you think losing is winning
You should see yourself paying off a bet your adam's apple keeps bobbing up and down