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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A man could retire on that amount of scratch
A nickle
All i'm tryin' to tell you is that with this money your girl'll suck your dick all day
All right now the rest of you I wanna hear from some big money men where's all the high rollers
Always the dollars always the fuckin' dollars
And so then I got a call from him saying we don't have to worry about money no more and I said that's good one less thing
And what about the money if you wanna give me some money i'll be happy to oblige
Are you on the list no but I believe my friends are perhaps you know them franklin grant and jackson
At 13 I was making more money than most of the grown ups in the neighborhood
But as long as you done took a stand why don't you put money where your mouth is not no measly buck
But don't you realize what you're doing you're destroying the earth all this greed this money system you're destroying everything
But when you got 1 3 million undeclared dollars staring into a videotape camera honey baby it's hard to convince a jury you found it in a taxicab
Can't make the scene if you don't have the green
Capitalists like myself who carry large sums of money often have such safety contrivances
Don't worry you've got daddy here he's got credit cards and cash
Don't you lose that friend over money it's not worth it money you can replace easy friends real friends you can't
Getting Paid
Go see a Star War
He's rich he is rich! what he's got his own money and baby when I tell you he's got his own money I mean the boy has got his own money!
Hee hee hee money hee hee hee lots of money I told you all we needed was a good act and we'd clean up
Hello I like money
Her husband had struck gold someplace out west and she was what mother called new money
Here we go broke ****as with money
Here! here! is this enough money will it last you two fuckin' days take it!
Hey I knew there was more to you than money
His monkey ass ain't worked a hard day in his life that's why he don't know how to act with all of that money
How come you look for dime here when you drop there well you never know how far money will go these days
I already got a guilty conscience might as well have the money too
I can smell a motherfucker with money
I do not understand what you spend your money on
I don't know what you want if you are looking for a ransom I can tell you I don't have money
I don't want money I want your dog
I got money
I got some money this time man I got 2 dollars
I have nothing left nothing to give you I have no pride no dignity no money I don't even know how we'll make a living but I promise i'll love you the rest of your life
I know you out of money by now cleo now what you gonna do rob another goddamn bank what the fuck is y'all thinking
I mean everybody's flashing their stuff here evidently they got their money i'm wearing the same old shit they're wearing it
I never carry more than I can afford to lose
I spent up some of it a ridin' on the bus and eating french fried potatoes mm hm
I wouldn't enjoy winning' a postmortem medal any more than you're going to enjoy that postmortem money
I'll fly the cash myself to the bahamas come on yeah
I'm Rich! I'm Wealthy!
I've seen guys like you go under before guys that never had a worry then they got a hold on some dough and went goofy
If I was working I wouldn't need 200 dollars exactly
In terms of money we have no money so how will we get to the moon the answer is clear we won't
Look I ain't in this for your revolution and i'm not in it for you princess I expect to be well paid i'm in it for the money
Make the money count! make the money count!
Make the money don't let it make you
Michael I will not permit you to throw your money away!
Money cannot buy the honor which you have earned tonight
Money got you tripping
Oh no no we don't use money in heaven oh yeah that's right I keep forgetting comes in pretty handy down here bub
Okay okay! you got all the money in the world you need everybody else's money
Or we can just take all your money and throw it in a big mattress back there
Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions
Remember they love money so just pretend like you own a gold mine and you're in the club
See money doesn't just buy you a better life better food better cars better pussy it also makes you a better person
She is my business and if you're not spending money you're costing money
So all I need is money from the bank to build a rocket and then the moon is ours
So I was selling them shit but the way I looked at it their money was better off in my pocket I knew how to spend it better
Sweetheart you have my money taped to your tits okay technically you do work for me
Take off that's dad's beer money eh
Talk about pissing your money away
Tell me you didn't pay money for this
That 50 bucks in your pocket is beginning to show up on you already
That's brand new money where'd you get it mister minted it myself this morning
That's how me and mama got money mama was a real smart lady
That's what the money is for!
The bank and I have the same purpose in life to make money not to support a lot of deadbeats
The Party is On
There he is in that cold heartless bank day after day hemmed in by mounds of cold heartless money
They done fucked up the church's money
Those millions would they be pounds or dollars well either way suits me
We can always use use more money to put to work for the bank can't we boy
We hear you will kill a man for money
We need some real money I don't know how far out of town you plan to get baby sister but you ain't getting far on 3 grand
We're happy to get the kind of money that jingles but we'd rather get the kind that folds
Well i'm going to get mine! come along young man! every penny! and mine too! and give me mine too!
Well the irony of this of course is that this money which is in the billions is coming from your country
What do you think about friends and money I think they don't mix why
What I try to tell you this country you gotta make the money first then when you get the money you get the power then when you get the power then you get the women
Whenever we needed money we'd rob the airport to us it was better than citibank
Where's that money you silly stupid old fool where's that money
Working's fun not the way he does it all he cares about is money doesn't care about you or me or anybody
Y'all ain't never got no money I hate living around a bunch of broke ass people
Yeah like buddhists they don't give a shit about money they're wrapped in sheets they're not buying shit
Yeah we get money uptown style a'ight
You always got time to argue money huh
You got city hands you been counting money all your life
You have no family no children you can't begin to spend all the money you've got I suppose I should give it to miserable failures like you and that idiot brother of yours to spend for me
You know burke I don't know which species is worse you don't see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage
You needn't worry about your reward if money is all that you love then that's what you'll receive
You owe me some money motherfucker hell no but here you go
You sit around here and you spin your little webs and you think the whole world revolves around you and your money well it doesn't
You suddenly show up here throw some money around and think you can get my respect
You've heard of the golden rule haven't you whoever has the gold makes the rules
Your cash is good at the bar