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Passwords Soundboard

Passwords Soundboard

Passwords sound clips and quotes.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Air strike the code is 'almighty ' coordinates 0 9 2 6 4 7 1 2
Code name is tannenbaum
Come here the password is one hand washes the other
He came into the system with a stolen password
Hey! wait a minute! everything's cool! I said the words I did!
I know no one can get back on we're trying everything it's like the password file has been wiped out
I'm afraid sir I must ask you for the key and the recall code have you got them handy sir
I'm the only person who knows the three letter code group
If I could just get that damn password I could play the computer
It's nothing I was just I was trying to find out more about the guy who designed those game programs so I could get his secret password
Liquor is the password in this army
They change the password every couple of weeks but I know where they write it down
They might have changed the password maybe they didn't can't we at least try
They've taken out my password!
Um well I figured your password was heraldo your chihuahua and it was
We can find the password and take it out but it might help to beef up security around the wopr
Well the kid broke into the war games subsystem using a password left by the original programmer
Well whenever I design a system I always put in a simple password that only I know about that way whenever I want to get back in I can bypass whatever security they've added on
You're not gonna find them easy to follow they're not using normal procedure they're using some kind of code