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And the more I read and began to understand the more I admired him
Georgie don't you ever get tired of just reading about things yes
How can you read this there's no pictures
I fear that the only way to stop those possessed by the spirits of the book is through the act of bodily dismemberment
I lay in bed for quite a while reading and just as I was commencing to get drowsy I heard dogs howling
I'm afraid i've read this over and over again but they're just words that I can't understand listen
I'm going upstairs and read my bible
If it makes you feel any better I forgot my reading glasses
It's about time you got your head out of those books and paid attention to more important things like me
It's not right for a woman to read soon she starts getting ideas and thinking
Me who says so you can't even read
My dear boy sometimes it's a diversion to read such rubbish most of the time it's a waste of time
She helped me learn how to read and I showed her how to swing
This is a newspaper right it's ninety percent bullshit but it's entertaining that's why I read it because it entertains me
Wait what happens when I read it no one knows but legend says you will be able to hear a butterfly's wing beat
Well the life of a goat herder is not that demanding the goats pretty much take care of themselves which leaves a man with a great deal of time to read
What are you like five years old yeah but I read at a six year old level so
Where did you learn how to do that I read the instructions
Would you like something to read do you have anything light how about this leaflet famous ******* sports legends
You won't let me read it so you entertain me with your bullshit tell me a story right now go
You'll be free you'll be under guard read these at your leisure don't lose them
Your dad says if you can master that book then nobody can beat you