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All it takes is faith and trust oh and something I forgot dust! dust yep just a little bit of pixie dust
And why should they trust you I mean look at you you're a bunch of fucking sleazy salesmen right
But who who is worthy to be trusted with the secret to limitless power to become the Dragon Warrior
Come on you can't spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes you fucked up you trusted us
Gentlemen I wouldn't trust this overgrown pile of microchips any further than I could throw it
He is a snake that's what he is you turn your back on him he'll stick it in you don't trust a guy like that
I don't really trust this banana motherfucker
I don't trust anyone any more
I have my own subtle little ways but first you must trust me
I mean you don't trust me no then there's nothing I can do to help
I should've never married him he's a gemini triple gemini duality gemini is the snake you know you can't trust a snake I mean it
I want to just be able to trust you you know it's about trust I have to be able to trust you with my life do you understand
I wouldn't buy an apple from the son of a bitch and I consider him a good close personal friend
It's like you said you can't trust anyone
Of course the doc can be trusted too in the daytime
Serve the public trust protect the innocent uphold the law
That's not a fear thing it's a trust thing
The only real objection that they have is that they don't trust you guys
There can be miracles, when you believe
Trust in me and just in me shut your eyes and trust in me
Trust in your old mother boys
Trust me
Uh ahem hey everybody you don't know me but i'm on tv so you can trust me
Well you never should have trusted me i'm on drugs
When I was a kid I had a pet rattlesnake I was fond of it but I wouldn't turn my back on it
You must really trust your wife yeah sure I do why it's good it's just unusual tell you the truth so many of my clients don't
You're too trusting she's too trusting a vegetarian okay but so is a gorilla!
Your eyes can deceive you don't trust them