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Words Soundboard

Words Soundboard

"Words" is a mesmerizing song that transcends time and space, capturing the essence of human emotions and the power of language. This enchanting masterpiece was composed and performed by the iconic English rock band, The Bee Gees, in 1968.

Led by the extraordinary brothers, Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, The Bee Gees became one of the most influential and acclaimed bands of all time. Their harmonious blend of melodic pop and soulful harmonies created an unparalleled sound that resonated with audiences worldwide. In "Words," Barry Gibb's ethereal vocals take center stage, effortlessly conveying a profound emotional depth. The song's beautiful melody, delicate guitar strumming, and haunting piano chords perfectly complement the heartfelt lyrics.

Throughout their illustrious career spanning over five decades, The Bee Gees have sold more than 220 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling music artists in history. Their unparalleled success has garnered them numerous accolades, including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

The profound impact of "Words" extends beyond its initial release in 1968, as its timeless message continues to captivate listeners today. With its universal theme of the power of words to build bridges or tear them down, the song resonates deeply in an age where communication holds incredible significance.

Fortunately, you can easily access and enjoy this emotional masterpiece wherever you are. By playing and downloading "Words," you can delve into the rich musical tapestry woven by The Bee Gees and experience the profound emotions evoked by their timeless melodies.

Furthermore, "Words" is not just a song confined to audio platforms; its enchanting qualities have also been captured in various visual mediums. Although it is uncertain whether "Words" was adapted into a movie or television show, the song's poignant lyrics and evocative melodies make it a perfect fit for film or television soundtracks. Its inclusion in such projects would undoubtedly enhance and elevate the emotional impact of the story being told.

Moreover, the ethereal nature of "Words" lends itself to interpretation through visual storytelling. Imagine a scene in a film or television show where characters find themselves at a crossroads, struggling to articulate their feelings and desires. As the haunting strains of "Words" fill the air, the weight and depth of their unspoken emotions unfold, setting the stage for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

In conclusion, "Words" by The Bee Gees is an extraordinary musical creation that continues to captivate audiences through its timeless message and haunting melodies. Whether you choose to play the song on repeat or incorporate it into your visual storytelling, the power of "Words" is bound to leave a lasting impression. So why wait? Immerse yourself in the beauty of this mesmerizing song and download the sounds that will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings.

All you have to do today is pick up that phone and speak the words that I have taught you
An expert in words and languages their origins and meanings
And I'm gonna kiss you unless you speak a loud resounding "no".
And i'm gonna say it in my own words this time
And now for you gals and guys a few words to the wise
And so there is iron in your words of life
And when you speak speak softly and with respect never never any harsh words you understand
But no explanation no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time in the world whatever it meant
But thick as you are pay attention my words are a matter of pride
But what of the things we've shared what of all the sweet words that you spoke in private
Convertible Rita
Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about your mother
Did you speak the exact words
Do you have to use so many cuss words
Do you understand the words?
Everyday words seem to turn into love songs
He was so busy filling me full of his secret little words his phrases and his bullshit that he never said anything about this!
He's lucky to get words out of his own mouth
Hey i'll tell you what if they defeat me i'll eat those words ok huh
Hey take it from me sonny for the important things you don't need words
His words carried me right away
Ho hum the tune is dumb the words don't mean a thing isn't this a silly song for anyone to sing
How will you fight that more words
I ain't got the words I know me neither
I cannot find the words to truly express my joy at the rekindling of our association
I don't understand the meaning of the words
I know your damn words all right
I like rabbit because he uses short easy words like 'how about lunch'
I mean sweet words low crooked courtesies and base spaniel fawning
I'm afraid i've read this over and over again but they're just words that I can't understand listen
I'm gonna walk over there
I'm not denying anything again you're putting words into my mouth
In other words i'm fucked in so many words yes
It took seven minutes for our words to reach the giant spacecraft but this time delay has been edited from this recording
It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means
Just a minute get those words out one at a time so I can understand them will you
Just words but good words that's where ideas begin maybe you should listen to them
Listen she's going to say the words
Marked ye his words
Mmm hmm now uh the magic words uh oh!
More Than Words
More words followed and I began their training teaching them all that I had learned from my master
My answer is two words okay
Nigthcore Words
No no don't speak for some moments in life there are no words run along now
Now I used the same words you did and he ran out on me!
Now is that an official wish say the magic words
Now judge we don't want any harsh words to spoil this friendly little get together
Oh my god! she said her first words!
Peace then no words
Remember in the same way he loved you you must all honor his words
Stop it! stop it! i'll say the words
Talk's no good conversation never convinced anybody I say put an end to words!
That he's always challenging
There is iron in your words of death for all comanches to see
There probably aren't words to describe your emotions
There's no words no denying that
These are your words
These silly words like superca super superca
This rudeness is a sauce to his good wit which gives men stomach to digest his words with better appetite
Those white bitches told him the most beautiful words you ever wanna hear in our profession
Though her words are simple and few listen listen she's calling to you
To quote my own immortal words
Truer words were never spoken
Trump's Best Words
Unfortunately that sounds a little like famous last words
Very well we will not mince words
We are the keepers of the sacred words
We don't need no fancy words I mean we need to practice we need to rehearse
We just use our words you know communicate okay
Weren't those your exact words
When the old boys wrote those words 'life liberty and the pursuit of happiness ' they sounded mighty nice but they wouldn't have been worth a plug nickel if somebody hadn't made 'em stick
Words are cheap and they don't scare me one bit!
Words words words
Would you care to say a few words sure I will
You do not understand my words but you must choose
You know kid these two words will solve all your problems