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And what's the meaning of this peggy sue well mister snellgrove I happen to know that in the future I will not have the slightest use for algebra an I speak from experience
Are you so did you study for the test test there's a test yeah
Charlie let's make love what do you mean sex
Direct from four weeks of rehearsal in walter 's garage for guys who have prided themselves on becoming the greatest singing group in the world who walked early ontarian charlie ward division
Doesn't lucky check you wanna come out no
I had a miserable time tonight could you when the monotones did vocable love chapter four you break up won't you get a one more chance i'm thinking did we problem
I want to know what's going on the lords told me about you and that's cuss ball michael fitzsimmons when you drop me off last night I just didn't feel like going to bed and I ran into michael look for
It's over charlie I don't wanna hurt you I want you to be happy no I will be happy if I have you I love you no that doesn't make any difference with
Let me see what do you think you are a very hip chick god you look like stepping out of life magazine oh I don't know I mean what if nobody else has dressed like this
Nine giants
Oh I want you to understand it's insulting for him to go from me to that bimbo do you think he really loves janet maybe just smashed too many fortune cookies give me a break he's missing their reun...
Peggy Sue Got Married Soundboard Sound
You love machine is throbbing thrill hannah your thing you me my line
You're going to blow at nikki smith no one treats charlie modelle like this why do you have to talk about yourself in the third person like it would napoleon why does everything have to be an argum...