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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Children how high this is a real you know what it is it's saint elmo's fire electric flashes a light that appear in dark skies out of nowhere
Come sit and chill ass why do I feel like i'm not here by accident
Guess what you guys will never believe I found out that it only cost two hundred and fifty dollars to bury a cat so I figured why don't I just put my step monster into a large cat suit
Ha ha
Have you got a problem you're gay and you're madly in love with alec I say and it's OK we all live alec he's our hero but he's very very straight very take
I gotta be at work really early tomorrow too I need to find a job tomorrow me too well how that brunch on sunday that sounds good right so we need here around twelve thirty what do we go to hula hands
I have been needing to talk to you sounds like one of our infamous conversations is coming like when you met my parents have decided I was adopted I still thank you man is hiding something
Kevin i'm curious you know all those nights we stayed up talking how come you never made a pass at me
Sure where are you getting the money for all this why do you say god invented credit values people like me could you fix us a drink yeah
Wrote her building never thought i'd be so tired at twenty two
You know what i've been doing every day since I got fired open go down to the hospital in sitting with my step monster we felt the best talks we've ever had
'cause I knew you'd like it you have such sensitivity oh by the way I want you to meet my decorator ron he's so fabulous and he lives right across the hall