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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Able was crying fucking cool shit don't fucking lie to fucking sound in spanish
And don't cry again 'cause that's the whole reason we're in this situation google chrome for maine
And this boats carmenere and suck me into his dicks and
Anyone ever had sex on the beach yeah yeah I got arrested get arrested for it on a family holiday was like so like that but even playstation do you know what for it unless you patient like my cock ...
Are honestly I thought I want to say that I think on think i'm in shock a bit you know she doesn't think the public like corn and she wants me to do the best I can for myself and honestly at times ...
Are you taking me out yeah when it's not no I just I don't think out of the situation but you know there anyway you know that anyway so I told you it's raining and that when you came over in the gr...
Arteries along 'cause we will live which is a lot about you so she attended by judah they didn't have you sent it on our day I sat there and if you make me now that you're better off in two seconds...
As much define mark attractive and is like sexual chemistry like I can find those guys every week and then have sex with like you don't find boys that chris every day but yeah all good
Because in the bedroom then kevin chrysler she's she's so cute or fucking puppies are cute you don't have sex them do you wanna have sex with poppy no vessel eagle
Calm down i'm not fucking called you outlet so fucking cheesy
Chris likes to have an ego strokes as do all boys so he'll probably like test the waters for a minute how I did and I just gotta swallow it 'cause he fucking deadwood microspheres annoying 'cause h...
Dicks and is back in the building on the exact same day that chris my broke up
Did you say to him to art I told chris is nothing to worry about
Eiffel shares in bottom four and his lici just understood having I went crazy and he went in a minute and will talk tyler what he's a nice guy but that's the floor in his character he doesn't know ...
Fuck you know what's the matter with you
Georgia is on it yeah but you recognize both him now to know i'm here and how much and even then
Having proper fire too I always had a thing with him for two days so I was been in urban is found on a second I said you're my type when they commoners attracted to and I want to get to know you an...
How was it though as you do fit bit closer to no i'm not fuck my fair gin and obviously we don't starve just gotta be half now because now all this stuff and I teach you already why was he not that...
I don't ever get drawn into any arguments here but when I feel like I need to stick up for someone I will still cut for them moss out get my banana or nah nah it's cool it's cool you talk to me tha...
I don't understand what I did called everyone fucking melts towards your mouth now you said you'll find out anyway I said you boys that melts anyway just leave it OK I stand by what I did 'cause I ...
I feel like he is a nice person and he does do that stuff because he's nice but I can deal with people not like a male who wants to be someone everyone like oh that's never been main arson but befo...
I just filled out reset this off now boy 'cause I just don't I just don't think it's without visiting worldview is definitely definitely working for may 'cause this is not because I knew that obvio...
I just I don't know I feel like we could have had something but my head is like I don't know how to word it like yeah basically had my heads like there another
I'm sharing myself sam i'm not going to answer these questions you are my heart from grayson did you tell mike you would sleep with him in the hideaway
I'm trying to be like nice decrease not nice but like I mean I saw you like you're right
In what world like LOL and that wasn't conversation everything was calm and it just seems a bit too much that's what i'm saying would you bit too much I don't understand what that world use that gr...
Is it good I can't walk right and then say like you seen me in the bed next year I did not hear a single thing
Just got my cat that picture just hitting our stride it and then a girl comes in their panties chris obviously of the yeah I know I know ever
Like again I mean is there some harmonic or access for a reason because I want to increase and I still won't crease but it just it sounds a lot is down to sound is so
Might just think some like right to look at it isn't we know me so if I could control it I would probably choose chris
On new typical like girl that girls love to hay and a little boys love to hate
Or use angel inside ice magic him humans her power is that meal yeah is that that may twist wives say twisting it is that that may
Play he came into the room and by this point i'd like to help you seem red light and I felt very much like this maybe everyone whether I create the situation myself or not that's how I felt
Please make me a bear haven't looked all he said some things to me that you said that I haven't said
She literally went off on one and I have no idea where it even came from she was bang out of order it was just a really stupid image your situation
She's got opinions on everyone and sometimes they don't need she doesn't need to pass comment an and she's not always right
Since I was confrontational to auto agree with that you are very confrontational
Thank you so you may want to hang i'm not here i'm not going so silly I just I said there and then what the issue wasn't there that's fine it's not your place to comment on it other flat maybe it's...
These women are phenomenal
We are boroffice lag like he's so great you know I mean yeah
We had more time so that each other more and more time that you probably know in your head what you rather the situation be
We shot last night
We will call and fax and that does not for
Well she said not great deal to be honest he's out email and you're not sure a genuine bible
Where you going great just for smoke butte by then come if you want go on safe don't get miserable maine
Who like say stuff to make me stressed over seekers like everyone is like very like that loves chris they're not they don't love you I don't know you know maine used golf where you feel like coins ...
Yeah we did
You are big stupid someone I feel like you would like you think i'm stupid I don't think that intelligent on here for you are
You have sex with all the time you don't love do not I do do you love and have sex with mike mark calls but I understand where he's coming from 'cause obviously properly action this is not nice to ...
You know it's a little bit of read a little against them like an ad goes to paris he goes fast