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A S white logo snitching to julie about this and I got some little crush on you gotta face the facts she'd rather go to bed with a real man hope that some for singing orphan
Friends and junk bonds it's high yield bonds might tell people you're in junk waitress sing
Glenn Guglia - The Wedding Singer Soundboard Sound
Hawaii nice to meet you I miss is glen goulia hello it's nice to meet you i'm julia gulia julia
Hey why did you write a song about this you can call it I got punched in the nose for sticking my face in other peoples business
How you doing sir chicken or fish you better get out of my way billy you're gonna get hurt again don't you talk to billy idol that way
I thought david bowie when I get excited my little china girl she says oh baby she shut your mouth
Love david bowie is so sexy you think that time to make the donuts guys sexy
Sunday is a big day huh I don't even know your last name julia julia julia 's last name is going to be gulia julia gulia that's body was that funny
That was that fruit doing it