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And this is the real thing this is what you've been trained for you are america 's best make us proud I guess sir hollywood guess sector to marry you back him up with merlin on ready five
Average serve on the field would be on the front page every newspaper and then we speaking world even though the other side denies the incident congratulations thank you sure they gave you a choice...
Come in start cougar you should be in sick bay what's on your mind my wife and kids are almost off and today I never even seen him
Damn it must take this to strider one one seven responses armory it's got missile like I mean do I permission of fire do not fire until fired upon
Just want to serve my country be the best fighter pilot in navy sir don't screw around with me maverick you're a hell of an instinctive pilot maybe two good i'd like to bust your butt but I can't i...
What's the position a hundred eighty miles of bearing is zero one zero circle cougar he's got missile locking us get away from the sky and with the she's engaged me