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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Because i'll do anything please OK anything like literally fucking anything
Dick man
Don't worry we're gonna rock out with your cock sap just kidding we are going to rock out
Hey I do what you gotta do the eyes makes it over and has been over by the car at school this talk it out
Hey i'm a nice guy
I am so sorry man I am so sorry I didn't even acting see you at all men are you OK
I have a warrant out for a totally non violent crime OK their mercy street guys
I'm essentially best rent with the guy so once a month buds are coming
If god booze it's got girls booze and girls equals I don't know do you I don't know do you I think you do
Let's work together we're kind of gather here we are it's like let's make a deal here we go
Name anything name it name it
Oh that sounds like she fully wanted man oh yeah who's going to give it to her home a man you that's you dad
Please please don't report me we could figure this out right we can figure this out right
Rockstar ground sorry bro tiger got out of the cage manor i'm sorry call mark let's just chill everyone just chill out truce man
We have bingo bango raider to go go
Welcome to the thunderdome
When you brothers could go up in set up with maine
You guys are my space or
You guys know guy named jimmy you totally look like his brother