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A lot of trash
As america celebrates the twentieth anniversary neil armstrong buzz luke and walking on the moon
Bobby knight told me this he says there is nothing that a good defense can not be a better offense in other words a good offense win our strategy is not defense
But i'll tell you one thing the american people will never call the man for massachusetts and that is mister president
But they do talk about curfews they do talk about no drugs no alcohol they encourage their children to do that so I actually found some redeeming value of this rather bizarre family relationship
Do that don't panic
How to serve in the kitchen patrol and feel a lot of potatoes and things that other specialist
I gotta get some exercise somehow other than just bring down the trash
I have as much sperian sing the congress have jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency
I have said that I will seriously consider releasing my grades when everybody else does
I made a mistake when I stand by all my misstatements
I think I know how I am to introduce myself and attention name dan quayle rank sergeant serial number three oh three five oh four oh nine six indiana national guard
I was known as a cheap grave robber of my state
I was very partial to superman and dennis the menace comic books
I will be prepared not only because of my service in the congress but because of my ability to communicate to lead
It doesn't help matters when prime time TV has murphy brown a character who supposedly epitomizes today's intelligent highly paid professional woman marking the importance of father's
Let me try to answer the question one more time I think this is the fourth time but i've had this question and I think that three times i've had this question and i'll try to answer it again for yo...
Millions of innocent people lost their lives because of the bigotry and hitlerism that permeated germany in other parts of the world it wasn't IBS
Thank you very much bob mister president mrs bush dick truly and fellow astronauts and ladies and gentlemen
The american people are getting a little bit sick and tired they won't know who dan quayle is
Was what you heard worth the wait out here absolutely yeah that's wonderful
We could call him because of his position and national defense mister week on national defense
We understand the importance of having the bondage between the parent and the child
Who is dan quayle the people of indiana know me
Why is always been a very pivotal role in the pacific it is in the pacific the part of the united states that is an island that is right here