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About to come on over the sample. Make enough ZZ.
And I do I really do I do?
Bike rack is about being in a relationship, so when it's finished you when it's finished, you go back to what you what you know, except I wasn't working so I couldn't go in for myself back into wor...
Can we be alone maybe?
Hawaii have lost a Madam Lagarde, I'm not seeing now. Bragging balmy last Christmas pranks. And then I don't care.
I don't write songs because I want my voice to be heard because I want to be famous or any of that stuff. I write songs about, but things that problem is when I have to get past them and I have to ...
I guess from being around a book from being around the block I guess people not I don't really do what I'm told to do well, I don't really care enough about what people think of me to conform to an...
I had about 10 Westwood. Yeah like he called his wife 5 minutes before he gets home he goes. I'm coming over 5 minutes. She has put a backing track on so when he walks in the door it goes stuck in ...
I had to buy tuna half of an I was drinking a lot. Not anything terribly. Just trying to forget about the fact that had finished his relationship and my management of the time. So I was at well, I ...
I love the 60s thing just because it's so naive and innocent and dramatic. And you know mentality. If you know I love that boy with dirty hair who rides motorbike? And even if even if he doesn't lo...
I'm naming names. I'm all for you that there is. I can't believe it. It's hard to conceive it as you turn away romance. So who are you? Pretend there, hello?
Like at noon I told you I was trouble. You know that I'm not.
So desolate lady text my cell I do a 180 I stay up we know how Lisa I'm not drinking run around just so I don't have the thing around making that silence incident in then it will be 1.
The weather, Indiana. Yes, but I love my dog and, uh, we have a saying no no, no show me no no no hi.
We met and now the final friend. Hello is a losing game.
When is it raining red, then dead? We could have never had it all, so this so far withdraw even a fast up water you ever spoke to push it. True, I'll be some next bears, although warmer. So I mom b...
Who loved one hum, no body. Stay in with three man my man hello Mr Jones Hedjet call Kari, are we nowadays you don't mean data Maine.
You should be strong, but this thing frozen Turkey. Watch out.
You're more than a friend. Go around man. What's your window where one night stay? He could be your home if you got past one.
Z we brand yeah travel Jack, my odds are stacked. Go back to blouse we only send yeah.