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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And nobody did anything
I can't count it you can count your money urine gotten it
I do not want to promote guesses there traction he gets sanibel providers he gets a menu right sales tickets then it's a TV deal he markets it and it generates capital and excitement he's like a jo...
I know I know I know I know make money man I don't care shit I got a lot of it
I love my time please tell us if I could bring you a hundred and twenty million net net net I don't even count in your managers and your promoters and nobody else I mean and what you gonna do with ...
I never will forget when I first started and I went out there and I got my first big match was mohammed ali yes jeremy so as for five minutes then you gotta be crazy this is for the rumble in the j...
I want to fight with you hank and jo ann they put me in a suit over there in jones corner you know but i've been working with george all week and so now when they started george it joe and he thoug...
I welcome you would love it that's all i'm saying and then we must deal with it as such but with love you know not with hostility and alienation
In getting knocked down you get back up you know I mean you go out then you keep fighting then you can make it
Is so true I heard a speech were by jesse jackson only one saying that we must recognize that we only useful as long as we are necessary as long as your necessary so when we come on necessary then ...
Not in the door should be open seeking chief and you shall find asking you should be given that means there's always remember that don't hesitate to ass there all they can do is say no
Nothing really there's a bigger this year runs smoothly anyway anything worth while is worth fighting for so we have a situation here we have been struck with adversity in that you think about what...
OK give me that jim carrey money yes yes and you know maybe more than that because you know when I come in boxes with getting paid a hundred and fifty dollars or six round and all that I start talk...
So I want to tell you all something george bernard shaw says one people see things as they are and ask why but I dream things that never were and that's why not
So would you have to know how to do is to a debt like the shamini and they'd be able to change with the times you can hang on to the good old days be cause ain't nothing good about the good old day...
So you got to understand the doors that open now
The better you get the more you're going to be criticized the morning i'll see your problem goes along with the phone
There's not a question about was right or wrong fair unfair just unjust is about what you want i'm the power unit I mean in here this late
This fight came into existence because a don king 's desire to be famous to break out of the pack it was the world to him he was either going to become enormously prominent man at the least an amer...
Unless you got to be rich is wonderful
You got to continue to drive and you can just keep on keeping him in spite of whatever happens don't despair
You've got to be able to have that burning desire passion there being invested which you can be that pursuit of excellence that is undeniably a passion in the move within you that makes you do thin...