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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And how talented are you but i'll images are in my opinion I think i'm very talented but i'll leave it for you three or to touch my
Everything looks like the deli counter at sainsburys salute lee wait no no on the SU champagne it's not good enough
Family if I can fly
He found a spinning the
I believe I can touch the sky I think thank you
It's a pity because the image is really good looks like he's works in a poultry factories got two pairs of sunglasses and a plastic microphone how can you say the image image is good
Oh maybe sink champagne champagne
So champagne were just saying please he find casino here
The champagne why have you got two pairs of sunglasses louie S his image image hair playing guitar
Then I can't
There's nothing to weigh
You came in you called yourself champagne you sounded lighthouse wine I mean that sort of sums up the performance there you are
You know there's no point are sitting here pretending that someone who is a bad sound alike is going to do well that's the reality