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Home > Egg Shen - Big Trouble...
Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Action action you have come along ways to find me but it is too late there are two girls with green eyes and I were married in both
Action is with them little bastard sorcerer has brought him through the bug the dead trees
Alright alright you got any guns well not against low panther here here's one for you make you feel better like dirty harry
And now for some more bad news ready
But I think I like it ha
Chinese black magic
Come on no more
Down low panis downtown where where is the universe
Get to the god damn point egg
Good morning ladies and gentlemen I am mister egg shen with his wonderful or this morning
I am the past half axle hot you slope and then they just say K
No no no these things
Only a dream can kill a dream i've waited for this for a long time check to evil dream will die
San francisco chinatown
Saving all their pennies and then they send for the families to help build this beautiful child how you see outside your window is fine warm day
There you are leave jack burton alone we are in his debts he showed great courage
What's in the flask a magic potion yeah thought so good what do we do drink it yeah good I thought sorry
You have come to seek me out with your green high