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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
About tony you know bulletin tony tony you silly fuck is allowability it'll finally moses in the burning bush is your pain to you are gonna die tony you got shot six times at the bullets magazines ...
Borst forest applied yeah as emporis the bullet dodger why do they call him the bullet dodge are because he thought his bullets heavy
But but he's got blood last night lag speak english to me tony I thought this country sponda fucking language and so far nobody seems to speak it what we got going CR man it looks like we might kno...
Comfortable monitor seems sad the organic is that toy that's got you and atticus but you take all the time you want I forgot fuck that bad driving down the street with your ex stuck in more window ...
Fuck you and hold you lucky bastard
He's a right and for this fella so watch out I hate russians i'll take care of it so we also have bad out son not a problem cute
I don't think i'll slow down I think of speed up play some music
I left work on black ink over football mind you can stay in for fucking lips another goal not even as well
I want to know black bricktops bookies give me a favor to it or go to your five AM alley or not better living fuck out in front of all your girlfriends here
I'm coming
One poster what are you doing here
Pull your socks up
So what should I call you should I call you bullet tooth he can call me susan if it makes you happy
So you're obviously the big dick now nervous idea are your balls there are two types of balls there are big bright balls and there are little mincy faggot ball Z Z or lost
Tony there was a man i'd like you to find that depends on all the elements in the equation how many are there forty thousand
Using dogs shipper to play smell it for a lot of both german smart were through
What do you know about this coin ex KGB cancer he was a highly trained undercover agent it'll be impossible to track down yeah dad is a strange man down here he wants to sell us an eighty four cara...
Where was the last thing and the book is bukis passes the blouses
You bet not be telling me poppy prize villages do black guys work upon dropping fucking supposed today