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Cars she still fenster
For some wrong they're coming back down through the roof because up their load our roof never even think about going up in a tall building
Hans Gruber - Die Hard Soundboard Sound
Hi this is mine then you got me still the cowboy mister mcclain americans all alike well
I thought I told all of you I want radio silence until further he sorry hands I didn't get that message if you should've put it on a bulletin board wax tony and marked on his friends here I figured...
I wanted this to be professional efficient adult cooperative not allowed to ask I laugh your mister takagi did not see it that way so he won't be joining us for the rest of his life
I'm going to count to three there will not be a full give me the code one two
It's obviously not some dumb schmuck up here to snatch a few purses on my right you very perceptive I watch sixty minutes I say to myself these guys are professional the motivated there happen and ...
Mister mystery guest are you still there yeah i'm still here unless you want to open the front door for me but you have me at the los
Now I have a machine gun hello hello
Now where is mister takagi joseph yoshi noble takagi long kyoto nineteen thirty seven
Sorry what was it you said to me before give it calle mother fuck
We can go anywhere you want you can walk out of here or be carried out but have no illusions we are in charge decided not each of it
Who did peter duty true true