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Created by Steenerson 466 4,301
Lipstick Bail Bonds

Lipstick Bail Bonds

Nutty Nancy soundboard.
Created by Miss Childs:

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you a psycho Democrat?
Are you retarded?
California will pay free free free
California's gone to shit
Chuck Schumer
Come on over
Hello 2
I am a nut job
I am a nutty nancy psycho democrat
I am stupid
I give you free shit
I live in sacramento
I love criminals
I love criminals 2
I love cum
I love murderers I love bad people
I'll be on my way
I'm a stupid bitch
I'm on my way over to your business
I'm sorry I can't hear you
Identity theft
Identity theft, forgery, fraud
Lipstick bail bonds may I help you
May I help you
My name is nancy
My name is nancy pelosi
Nancy pelosi
Nancy pelosi 1
Nancy Pelosi 2
Nancy Pelosi 3
Nancy Pelosi 4
Nancy Pelosi 5
No speak english
Nutty Nancy
Nutty Nancy 1
Nutty Nancy 2
Old hag
Put the asshole who smells dick on the phone
Que paso
Stay with me x2
Stop playing on the fucking phone
Stupid psycho
Tomorrow 1
What do you want?
What was that?
Whatever you want
Why would you say something like that
Yes 2
Yes 3
Yes 4
Yes yes yes
You call me old hag
You can call me Nutty Nancy
You don't know Nutty Nancy?
You piece of shit
You stupid bitch
You're right
-Laugh 2
3 4 Capitol Hill