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Sanju - ISP Guy Soundboard - Fonejacker

Sanju - ISP Guy Soundboard - Fonejacker

Sajnu alias, ISP Man or Mr Broadbandings is an Indian man who works in a call centre in India for Internet Service Providings, a highly priced ISP that promises "42 megabytings" data speed and "a better dealings than your current dealings". He also works for Mobile Network Providings, Digital Multichannel Receivings and Internet Relationship Findings. His main excuse for his persistence is "I got family to feed." In the third episode of Season 2, he reveals that his name is Sajnu. Internet Service Providings! Indian Internet Servier Provider guy from the Fone Jacker / Phone Jacker / Phonejacker. Internet Service Providings.

And they just paying me I just doing jobs have to phoning you and you know asking you questions and things you wanting to to deal a lot
As far to two MB ings
But I got no money to eat
But i'm providing the services faster providing's
But it's a forty two MB ings
But it's all your fault ings
But you don't want to be done the sidings
But you get free ding ding
But you know you bullying me
Calling to us give you itching to upgrade your great to a great desire in your current grading
Do you want me to send you membership card
Everybody wants upgradings
Good morning sir i'm calling from internet service providing
Hello I was wondering if you would be interested in upgrading your iphone rings do the new iphone is better than your current iphone ings
Hello i'm calling from mobile network upgradings
I know you care
I think you wanting to sign
I thought maybe you like in spankings I want to spankings you with thirty inch ruler rings
I want to take you back to mine and get nasty things
I'm calling from digital multi channel seatings
I'm calling from internet relationship providing would ask are you in a relationship at the moment
I'm calling from internet service provider would you be interested in providing the service or internet service providing the six times quicker
I'm calling from internet service providing 's would you be interested in switching or providing 's to a provider that provides the butter servers of internet providing the new column providing pro...
I'm up settings
In six times faster things maybe air times faster rings
It's a better dealing when your current dealings
It's free apart from the one of payment of a hundred and eighty two pounds and then the continuing 's of forty two monthly payments of eighteen pounds seventy
It's free apart from the one off payment of a hundred and eighty two pounds
Much better than Sky
No I don't want you to break it so I would never want you to break your relationships
Now you sound like you are tempting
Number for dating site on all of the internet
Oh good
The best i've warnings in the whole world
Twenty six times faster things
What about down grading
What do you mean?
What else are you in relationship at the moment or not in relationship at the moment
Why not
You get eighteen months free contract with monthly subscription of forty two pounds a month for the first eighteen months you get eighteen free texting 's in a couple of ring dings
You like the big bar things like the jailings
You sounding like your breath is very stinking 's like it smell of the pools
You want me to repeat things
You want me to sign in you up now
You want upgrading